Welcome to the MoveOn Text Team!
Welcome, hero! Let's get you outfitted to help build a more inclusive, progressive future. This quick training will cover the basics so you can get started!
We use two main tools: Slack and Spoke. You GET your texts (and support) in Slack; you SEND your texts in Spoke.

More about those tools in our next two steps, but first, our pledge to each other as a team.

MoveOn is where millions mobilize for a better society—one where everyone can thrive. Whether it’s supporting a candidate, passing legislation, or changing our culture, MoveOn members are committed to an inclusive and progressive future. We envision a world marked by equality, sustainability, justice, and love. And we mobilize together to achieve it.

As a volunteer on the MoveOn Text Team, you’ll become a key point of contact for hundreds, maybe thousands, of other MoveOn members and progressive voters. As such, we ask you to commit to these simple premises:

1. I will do whatever I can to help MoveOn members get better connected to each MoveOn campaign and will go the extra mile to get them information and encourage their engagement. I will always read the resources in our daily briefing in the #important_announcements channel in our shared workspace in Slack to prepare for my shift.

2. I understand that the way I respond matters and I will always respect the person with whom I’m communicating. I will always use language consistent with MoveOn's values, and never use profanity or other questionable words or phrases that could reflect negatively on my important work.

3. I will always assume good faith and be constructive with my fellow volunteers and volunteer leaders.

4. I will try as much as possible to finish my contact list workflow during my shift and I will only text from the designated start until the designated end in the time zone I am texting. (The designated times are found daily in #important_announcements in Slack). If I receive late replies from my contacts I will reply the following day after the designated start time. And If I find I can’t send your texts the day you request them, I will notify the leader on shift so they can be reassigned.

5. When working a shift, I will be mindful of my availability on that day and not request texts if I will not be able to send texts as early in the day as required.

6. After sending all my workflow for a day, I will check Spoke for replies to my texts often through the rest of that day and again a couple times the next day.

7. I will never text and drive!

8. If I have questions, I will ask for help!

9. In accordance with federal law, when texting with MoveOn, I will always send each text manually, never using devices such as auto clicker software.
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