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Thank you for your interest in STRIVE WorldWIDE! STRIVE is a nonprofit organization based in South Portland, Maine. Over the past 20 years, STRIVE has provided social, educational, employment training and post-secondary educational opportunities for tweens, teens, and young adults with intellectual disabilities. STRIVE WorldWIDE offers online programming for independent living to individuals across the state, country, and worldwide! The purpose of STRIVE WorldWIDE is to further STRIVE's mission of providing opportunities for increased independence. It will provide training and skills building to a wider audience that would otherwise be unable to access STRIVE's programming.

This technology self-assessment is used to ensure that STRIVE WorldWIDE is a good fit for you. This should be completed by the participant (though support in completing it is welcome). This form will also collect participant information to create a STRIVE WorldWIDE account. Once the account is created, participants will be able to register and pay for individual courses (directions on how to do so will be sent separately).

The next course offering is Money Management which will begin September 9, 2019. The course is $299 and will run 5 weeks. Register before August 1, 2019 and used code EarlyBird for $50 off the course!

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