Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children: Consultation with Children
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This survey was developed by the Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children. We're a network of Canadian organizations and individuals who promote respect for children's rights. Check out our website:
1. What is your gender?
2. How old are you?
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3. Are you in school? If so, what grade?
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4. What province or territory do you live in?
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5. Do you live in an urban or a rural community? A rural community is small and is often made up of farms and houses that are very far apart. An urban community is a city, one where people live close together (either in houses or apartments).
6. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
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We would like to know how much you know about children’s rights.
7. Have you ever heard of children's rights?
8. When you hear “children’s rights” what words or images come to mind?
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9. Choose all that apply. When you hear someone say “children’s rights” do you think it means:
10. When you want to learn about something that’s important to you, where do you go to find information?
11. If you can't find information from the place you picked, who would be the best person to help you?
12. Have you ever learned about your rights?
13. If yes, where do you think you learned about your rights?
14. Based on the previous question, what would you say is the best way for you to learn more about children’s rights? Using a scale from 1-5, please rank your most preferred method as #1 and your least preferred as #5.
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Canada was asked to promote the meaningful participation of all children in their families,
communities and schools. Can you tell us a bit about your experiences participating in these
different groups?
15. Have you ever had an opportunity to say something when decisions are being made about things that affect your life?
At school:
16. Does your school have a way for adults to hear the opinions of students when making decisions? This might be a student council, student senator, class representatives, a school club or other ways to participate in decision-making.
17. Have you ever been a student leader at your school? (some examples of student leaders are members of the student council, leaders of a school club or sports team)
18. If yes, tell us about it. What did you do as a student leader? What impact did your involvement at school have on decisions made?
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19. If you haven't been a student leader at your school, have you ever raised an issue of concern with one of your student representatives?
20. Do you think your student leaders have had a positive impact on your school environment?
21. Can you please explain your answer and give us some details?
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22. At your school, can students have input into what is taught in their classes?
23. Have you ever made a suggestion to your teacher about a topic that you would like to learn about?
24. If yes, what was your suggestion?
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25. If yes, did your suggestion make a difference?
26. Can students make suggestions about which activities or events to hold at the school?
At home:
27. Many different decisions are made in a family that affect your life (where you live and work, how your home is organized, what to spend money on, when to get a job). In your family, who would you say makes most of these decisions?
28. Do you get to say something that is considered by your family when they make decisions that affect you?
29. If yes, can you give one example?
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Other contexts: where you work and play
30. Choose all that apply. Do you:
31. Who makes most of the decisions in these groups?
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32. Do you ever get to make suggestions about the decisions that affect you in the groups you belong to (such as the groups in question 30)?
33. If yes, can you give one example?
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34. Do you think your input makes a difference?
35. If yes, can you give one example?
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36. Who makes most of the decisions about what you do in your free time?
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37. Can you give one example?
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38. Do you have any final thoughts or quotes about children's rights you'd like to share?
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