Tell us why you love P10 as much as you do! Feel free to skip questions, but your input is invaluable, so I appreciate whatever feedback you can give me.
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What got you interested in P10? How did you connect with us first?
What was that one thing that you heard that piqued your interest, and once you heard it, how did you find out more? Facebook? By dropping by in person? Pride event?
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What do you love the most about P10? #p10because
Now that you know more about us, what keeps us in your good graces? Try to pick just one, I dare ya!
If you have donated or volunteered before, what motivated you to become more involved in our organisation?
Feel free to pick multiple! If you were motivated by a specific reason not mentioned here, please use our "other" box, and write as much as you want!
If you have time, could you tell me your best memory of P10?
These heartfelt connections to P10 are exactly what I need to better understand our organisation and help potential funders gain insight into the real impacts of our work (see next question if concerned about confidentiality!). If you'd prefer to do this in person or by phone, drop me a line at coordoprojet10@gmail.com
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Do you authorise Project 10 to use your stories, memories, and testimonials that submitted here in our promotional materials or in funding applications?
What's the best way for us to stay in touch?
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Thank you so much for your feedback! Your input is going to help me understand this organisation in no time!
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