Student registration form: July-August 2020
To assist families in teaching their children during the COVID-19 pandemic, Calgary Towhid Centre is going to provide educational online support to children of Farsi-speaking families. This program is supported by the Government of Alberta. A certified and experienced teacher in Alberta along with university students will be involved in the delivery of this program. The program begins in July and will end in August, with a detailed scheduled to be announced soon.

This is a pre-registration form and it is intended to determine community demand for this program. We will use results to plan and organize the educational program. Please fill out the form and submit it separately for each child.

The required fee per student is $50. The educational subjects are Math, Language Arts, and French. Those families who are experiencing income challenges can contact Towhid Centre for the tuition waiver. At this stage, payment is not required.
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We would appreciate if provide your feedback and suggestion. Your suggestions will help us to improve and develop our programs to fit your requirement better. *
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