LOVE CARAVAN June 4th (Sunday) - Sign up Sheet
Please fill out the form in order to assist to the June 4th Event. You must do it whether you are a new applicant or a returning volunteer. Thank you for your willingness to help the community!
Limit of volunteer seats: 20 | Available: 0
There is a limit to the number of volunteers allowed to go to the senior house so please fill it up as soon as you decide that you are going.
STEP 1: Event Information
Sunday, June 4th - 2:20 p.m.

**Meeting time 12:20 p.m. @Lougheed Skytrain Station**

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STEP 2: New volunteer Application sign up (Please note this is important!) If you are not new to the program, you may skip this step.
STEP 3:Personal Information
Make sure you fill out the link above already. Also, after you fill out the Application Form you just need to answer 3 questions for signup next time.

*Important Notice about Emails: Be aware as some emails from Russian or Chinese might not be supported by Gmail, so you might not be able to receive any information or updates from us, if you think that is the case please contact us ASAP.

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