Open Masters: Higher Education, Redefined
Would you like to turn your interests and passions into study and action? If you're considering going back to school in order to be a part of a learning community, deepen your knowledge and skills, and make a meaningful contribution to the world, you may be excited to learn about the open masters.

Starting this year, a group of people in DC is creating an open, peer-led higher education program. The experience will be:

- Immersive and relevant to our lives and careers, by being rooted in projects in our community and highly individualized
- Open to all, by drawing on open-source resources, content, and our collective network
- Rigorous, by utilizing advisers, portfolios, and a peer review process with high standards

This first group is being organized and hosted by Peer-to-Peer University, a global open education project, and by Hub DC, the local node in the global consortium of Hubs supporting social innovators around the world.
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