Multnomah County Fair Talent Application '19
Our Mult Co Fair Talent Comp will be held on:
Sunday, May 26th 4pm
Oaks Park Amusement Center; Main Stage

Fill out the following form to enter into the comp. You will receive a confirmation email from a few days before the comp to confirm your entry as well as details you will need!

Compete & Win:
- 1st Place: $300
- 2nd Place: $100
- 3rd Place: $50

Age Divisions:
- Youth: ages 1 - 9yrs
- Junior : ages 10 - 17yrs
- Adults: ages 18 & up

- Performers must be checked in between 3 - 3:30pm or the competitor will forfeit their place to someone on the waiting list.
- Only the first 30 competitors will be accepted; all will be notified via email after application has been submitted if they are accepted. Be sure to mark the email as one of your contacts.
- MFC & Friends of the Mult Co Fair reserves the right to both accept and deny applications.
- Prizes per age devision
- Participates must enter into the age division of the oldest member of the act.
- Contest is open to all Oregon residents who have amateur status as defined by the state fair talent contest rules.
- Multnomah County Fair Representative will choose who will represent the county fair at the Oregon State Fair. For residents from counties that do not have a County Fair Talent Contest contestants are also eligible to represent Multnomah County at the State Fair. See the State Fair Talent Show rules for additional rules.
- All acts must be family-friendly. Inappropriate acts will be disqualified. The management's decisions of what is 'family-friendly' is final.
- Previous first place winners of the OFTS Finals may not compete in the Finals for two years after
their win, regardless of whether they enter a different category or division.
- Previous first place winners of the MCF may compete but cannot win 1st place for one year after their win, regardless of whether they enter a different category or division.
- Musical acts are limited to three instruments, no drum sets allowed. All instruments must be provided by competitor.
- Singers performing with CD's cannot use music that contains lead vocals.
- Residents from all counties are allowed to compete at the Multnomah County Fair. Please note you are only allowed to compete at one county fair in the talent section.
- Pre-recorded music must be on a CD or submitted via this form, no tapes are allowed.
- There is a four minute time limit for all acts. This begins when the competitor enters the stage. Anything over four minutes will be disqualified.
- In addition, all state fair rules apply.
- Applications will only be accepted via THIS google form doc.

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Write 3 to 4 sentences below that the MC will say before you come on stage. Include you name(s), your county, name of your routine, your age and a fun fact about you or your routine. *
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