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You have a story! If you look back on your life, you’ve done things for the first time that no one in your family, in your town, in the country has done.

You have unknowingly paved the way for others without knowing it, or acknowledging it. This is where you tell your story so that those who come after you, can walk in your footsteps to build their own firsts.

These questions are just guidelines that can help you, and us, formulate your story and understand your power in being first!
What is it that you are the first at doing? (Feel free to name several things)
Are you the first in your...
Are the people around you aware that you are the first?If yes, did they celebrate you?
What are the joys of being the first?
What are the pitfalls of being the first?
How are you sharing the knowledge you acquired from being the first?
Can you see the impact on the next generation?
Did anyone inspire you to be the first? Any particular person to whom you can point to say “I saw that persondo X, so I know I can too?”
Has being the first at what you did inspire other firsts in you?
Knowing that you’ve been the first, does it make you bolder and more courageous and less afraid of trying new things?
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