HOPEww Volunteer Corps 2024 Site Application
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Thank you for your interest in hosting a volunteer program in your location! HOPE worldwide’s Volunteer Corps provide the unparalleled opportunity to grow spiritually, engage with communities, develop long-lasting relationships, and gain an understanding of our world's vast diversity. It is because of people like you that this program’s impact has been sustained for what will be 30 years in 2024. Thank you!
Hosting a volunteer program can be very rewarding and impacting for your congregation, HOPEww entity, and community, but does take work throughout the year to make it successful. Below you will find our goals and objectives, so that you understand what we are asking of our sites. We have also included some preliminary questions so that we, at the Volunteer Corps Department can understand your plans. We are excited about the possibility to work with you.
If after reading this document you decide to formally apply to become a host site, please answer the questions in the application below and submit a completed copy by August 10, 2023 at the latest. Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered for 2025. This application is simply an expression of interest. It is not a commitment from your side, or a promise from HOPEww’s side to run a program in your location yet. This is just a first step.  We expect a lot of site applications for 2024, so we will be praying about the choice of locations and programs before making a final decision. A lot of different factors go into the final choice of sites. Please ensure you follow the directions noted at the bottom of the application.
After we receive your application, we will review it, conduct an interview with the site coordinator, and make a final decision in September. The 2024 programs will be officially announced on October 1, 2023.

The objective of these programs is to provide a one or two-week service experience (the length varies depending on the program; most programs run for two weeks including travel) that allows volunteers to grasp, through Christ-like interaction with the materially poor, the meaning of true religion as described in James 1:27. Through this understanding, volunteers will develop leadership skills, strong character, and a new perspective on God, life, and the world around them. In many cases, they will be able to use their professional skills to build the capacity of the program.
In addition, we stress that all volunteers serve in humility, learning from the communities they interact with. These programs provide a training ground in diversity and cultural awareness, as well as respect.
The programs are designed to be meaningful, inspirational, and fun for everyone involved. The program should have four main components:

-   Direct and meaningful sustainable service (with HOPE worldwide program or a partner organization). This service component needs to be the main component of the program. (On average 8 hours a day, a minimum of 6 hours)
-        Daily devotionals and d-groups
-        Recreation and team building
-        Engagement with the local ministry

HOPE worldwide Volunteer Corps programs are driven by the ministry of Jesus with the purpose of transforming the hearts of the volunteers and of that of the communities we engage with. We want every participant to leave with a better understanding of Jesus' ministry. We also want them to have a humble attitude of learning, so they can go back home and transfer their newfound knowledge in their own local communities.
HOPE worldwide's Expectations of Host Sites
-        To agree to design and implement a program according to HOPEww’s volunteer programs expectations and policies. It will be important to follow directions from the International Volunteer Programs Department, as we want to run safe as well as high quality trips. Volunteer Corps (anywhere in the world) is a Hww Ltd signature program.
-        To be in a position to put down deposits for the booking of accommodation, transport, and all other activities pertaining to the HVC. HOPEww Ltd cannot advance funds for deposits. We are a self-supported program, and we rely on the fees the participants pay. We can only send funds once the participants have paid their fees. That deadline is usually one month before the start of the HVC.
-        To appoint/select a Site Coordinator to serve as the main point of contact between the local site and HOPE worldwide Ltd; this person is responsible for…

o  The local logistical planning of the program
o  Ensuring all components are planned for successful implementation
o  Meaningful sustainable service opportunity
o  Risk management issues considered and addressed (HOPEww will help train you)
o  Devotionals and d-groups. The trip leaders will lead those activities, but the site coordinator needs to arrange rooms / space for those.
o  Some recreational events and cultural experiences 
o  Connection with local ministry (strongly encouraged)
o  Participating in conference calls as scheduled until your site begins, to receive training and input on the program
o   If you are a new site and have never hosted an HYC - HSC - HVC, HOPE worldwide will train you  to help you build and develop your program
o   Training the participants on your program-specific tasks and provide information in advance about the service projects.
o   Staying within budget provided. Sites work with HOPE worldwide Ltd to create a reasonable budget, ideally around or under US $800 per participant maximum. The more frugal programs usually attract the largest number of participants.  Any expenses over budget must be covered by your local program (congregation/HOPEww entity).  
o   Being present 24/7 on site during the span of the program
o   Being responsible and punctual in meeting deadlines and due dates for forms from HOPEww Ltd
o   Creating a packing list and welcome letter to send to participants in advance
o   Being familiar with the online HVC Toolkit

HOPEww Ltd will provide and send Site Leaders / Global Service Interns who are the group leaders. Site Leaders stay with the volunteers the entire length of the program and ensure the experience is positive and spiritual for all involved. The Site Leaders are the ones ultimately in charge of the group during the Volunteer Corps, and they report to HOPEww Ltd. They are responsible for the spiritual wellbeing of the participants; they are in charge of the curriculum, devotionals, discussion groups, etc. Most sites will have a local coordinator and two site leaders (one man and one woman). 
HOPE worldwide’s Volunteer Corps Department Roles and Responsibilities
-        Recruit and prepare all members attending your program
-        Manage the volunteer application process and assign volunteer site placements
-        Communicate with all volunteers: emails, producing and disseminating volunteer welcome packets and program information, collecting flight schedules
-        Provide marketing materials and promotional items
-        Maintain web presence and online resources for volunteers
-        Train you on your roles and responsibilities as a host site
-        Provide draft schedules and input on planning
-        Manage and help develop the program budget, receive all program payments, and wire funds or process reimbursements accordingly
-        Do a thorough risk assessment survey of the program, and plan risk management accordingly
-        Update the toolkit and make it user-friendly
-        Provide 501(c)3 tax exemption status and rental car discounts if possible for US sites

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