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Hey soul sister!
I'm excited you're here - I can't wait to chat with you to see how I can help you sign more dream high-ticket clients & grow your transformational coaching biz!

Xo, Coach Anna Furu

*Please fill it out completely, there are no wrong answers. I only work with dream clients & this application will help us see if we could be a dream fit :)
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4. Which phase of your business are you currently in? *
5. How much monthly income (USD) are you making on average atm? *
6. What do you struggle most with regarding mindset? *
7. What are your top 3 (biz) goals that you want to achieve in the next 6 months? *
8. What have been the biggest challenges when you've tried to accomplish those goals on your own? *
9. Are you willing & ready to invest time, energy & money in yourself and your business to achieve these results? *
10. Why do you feel that having Anna as your coach would be perfect to help you get to the next level in your business & life? *
11. What does your current business look like? Gimme the ins and outs of your current business! (If you're just starting out, just specify that here) *
12. What is your #1 business goal that you want to accomplish in the next 6 months? Specifically, for example, how much income would you like to make, the impact you would like to create or how many hours would you like to get down to per week? *
13. What do you struggle with when it comes to reaching this goal on your own? *
14. On a Scale of 1 to 5 (5 being highest), how ready are you to begin and commit to this business + life transformation? *
Not at all
15. There is a high-ticket investment to work with Anna. Anna creates amazing results for coaches who are ready to get high-quality support & put in the aligned work to start/grow/scale their dream coaching biz + are willing to make an investment in themselves. Are you willing to do this? *
16. Here at Anna Furu AB, we promote equality & equity for womxn of color, all other races/ethnicities, & sexual orientation. We are always encouraging education around these topics and updating our content with the intention to be inclusive & welcoming to all humans. Racism and/or other prejudices will not be tolerated. If you are accepted to work with Anna we ask that you please report any behavior or communication that doesn't align with these values. Our mission is to keep our programs safe and supportive for all of our students. If you work with Anna, we ask that you come prepared to uphold these values as well :) *
Thanks for applying! You'll be hearing from us soon to book a discovery call :)
Xo, Team Anna
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