Homecoming Rulebook Quiz
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Quiz Questions
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Which of the following materials can the banner NOT be made out of for the banner competition? *
What is the consequence for not putting the organization’s name or theme on the banner? *
What is the penalty for using incorrect materials on the banner? *
The banner must be carried by at least how many people throughout the entirety of the parade? *
Banners that are disqualified for any reason will not be allowed to appear in the parade. *
What is the minimum and maximum number of performers an act must have in the FTG Talent Show? *
How many of the performers must be active members of the organization(s)? *
Performances must be between how many minutes long? *
What is the penalty for scoring below a 10 out of 25 in the FTG Talent Show tryouts? *
When may your group leave the Talent Show performance? *
What is the penalty for having an inappropriate costume in the FTG Talent Show? *
What is the penalty for a Madhatter being deemed inappropriate? *
Where must the Madhatter be at all times during the parade? *
Can electrical power be used in the Madhatter? *
The person wearing the Madhatter during the parade must also be the person who wore it during judging. *
Can repairs or alterations be made to the Madhatter after check-in? *
When does float construction begin? *
Which of the following items do you need to have with your vehicle during the Parade? *
Float dimensions may not exceed which of the following dimensions? *
What is the penalty for any member of an organization being caught vandalizing floats or any parade equipment? *
What is the penalty for smoking in the parade staging area or while on the float? *
Which of the following are ways to get spirit points at the Blood Drive? *
Which of the following is a valid hashtag to use in order to earn points during the Social Media Competition? *
How many organizations will receive competition points from participation in the spirit points competition? *
Organization alumni are valid to check in for spirit points at the Student-Alumni Ice Cream Social. *
How many people from each organization (not pair) must attend the Fall Information Meeting? *
How many people from each organization’s Security Committee must be present at the Fall Security Meeting to receive 50 spirit points? *
How long does final registration remain open? *
How much money is due during final registration for paired overall competition fees? *
How much does the tailgate competition cost to enter? *
How must fees be paid for final registration? *
Which of the following are prohibited from FTG Talent Show performances? *
How long does each organization have to set-up and tear down before and after the act in the FTG Talent Show? *
The Homecoming Executive Committee reserves the right to disqualify any floats that do not meet quality standards. *
Who is eligible to earn Spirit Points? *
How does an organization earn 25 Spirit Points from the Parade Quiz? *
Organizations can earn extra Spirit Points by having members in which of the following positions? *
What may be thrown from a float or vehicle during the parade? *
How many points will a competing pair or triad receive for having multiple representatives on the Homecoming Court? *
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