WAIE Grant Assistance to Attend NAFSA's Advocacy Day 2019
Advocacy Day will be held on March 18-19, 2019, in Washington DC. Information about the event is available at: http://www.nafsa.org/Policy_and_Advocacy/Take_Action/Advocacy_Day/.

The WAIE Advocacy Day Grant will provide up to $1000 for reimbursement of expenses accrued by participating in NAFSA's Advocacy Day. To receive reimbursement, a copy of the receipt showing registration for Advocacy Day must be submitted to the WAIE Treasurer, Miranda Panzer, along with other related receipts that may include transportation and accommodation. If expenses less than $1000 are accrued, the grant awarded will equal the total of the accrued expenses. If expenses equal to or greater than $1000 are accrued, the full $1000 grant will be awarded. The award will be given by check following participation in NAFSA's Advocacy Day.

The deadline to submit a grant application is December 7th, 2018. Notification of the decision will be given by January 7th, 2019. Applicants must be WAIE members and reside in Wisconsin. If you are not a WAIE member, then please join now by completing the membership form available at: http://www.waieonline.org/become-a-member. WAIE membership is free and your email address will be added to a WAIE list-serv through which job announcements, events, and updates in the field of international education are shared.

To apply for WAIE grant assistance to attend NAFSA's Advocacy Day, then please complete and submit the online application below.
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Thank you for your interest in attending NAFSA's Advocacy Day with grant assistance from WAIE.
If you have questions about the grant application, please contact WAIE Grant Coordinator, Kelsey McDaniels at mcdaniek@uwosh.edu or WAIE Past-Chair, Sarah Christensen at sarah.christensen@uwc.edu.
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