During the three day Practical Hacking On Identifiers at BiOSphere2 (PHOIBOS2) workshop at the world-renowned Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona, identifier practitioners and science data generators will come together to summarize the current state of the field, identify and elucidate the technical issues, and develop solutions. The workshop will take place Feb. 17-19, 2016. For more information, see the workshop wiki ( and draft agenda (

This work is funded by the National Science Foundation with logistical support provided by the iPlant Collaborative at the University of Arizona.
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This workshop is open to all participants, both domestic and foreign. We encourage participation by people of all backgrounds. Funding for room and board will be provided for approximately 30 participants, and travel costs will be provided for about 10 participants. If requests for funding exceed the workshop budget, funding will be awarded preferentially to early career researchers and participants from under-represented groups, including participants from developing countries.
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Workshop objectives: 1. Document the current status of identifier technologies across scientific disciplines, 2. Identify pressing needs in identifier technologies and services, 3. Articulate solutions in identifier technologies and services.
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This workshop is open to all, with some financial support available for most participants.

The information below is not required, but will be used to help assure a diversity of participants and provide appropriate services where needed. Your answers will have no effect on your ability to participate in the meeting. All answers will be kept confidential.
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Will you require financial support to participate in this meeting?
Support will be available to cover room and board for up to 30 participants and travel for at least 10 participants. Funding will be provided preferentially to early career researchers and participants from under-represented groups. In the event of limited funding, we may offer you support at a lower category than requested.
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