Mecklenburg County Gift Card Match Program: Round Three
Mecklenburg County Tourism along with our 3 Chambers of Commerce have joined together to provide an economic stimulus to our small businesses through a gift card matching program. The program is open to all locally-owned, non-franchise, retail, restaurant and service-based businesses located in Mecklenburg County. Although we encourage a membership to your local Chamber of Commerce, membership is not required.

You can find a complete program description at In short, we will set up an online store at Here, customers will find gift vouchers for each participating business in the amount of $20. For each $20 voucher purchased, our program will match it dollar for dollar, for as long as the matching fund lasts. So, for $20, the customer receives a $40 gift voucher to be redeemed when the time is right and the business receives the $40 now. The business will be provided with a copy of each purchase which includes a unique voucher code. It is up to the business to manage voucher redemptions and balances after they are issued.

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