Donate your venue for Hacktoberfest
Offer your venue to a Hacktoberfest meetup organizer in your community!

Hacktoberfest meetups bring together software developers of all levels to learn about the open source ecosystem: from how to start an open source project, to marketing a project, sustaining growth, and troubleshooting and maintenance.

Venue requirements
A free-of-charge and welcoming space with strong WiFi, projector, screen, and chairs/tables/power strips for 30+ people working on their laptops.

What are the benefits of offering your venue?
The opportunity to give back to your local open source community!

Who attends Hacktoberfest meetups?
Software developers of all levels who are interested in open source, including open source project owners, maintainers, contributors, and community members near you.

What happens after you fill out this form?
Your venue will be shown on a "List of free venues" accessible via Event organizers will contact you according to the method you specify below.

What happens if no one contacts me?
Consider hosting your own Hacktoberfest meetup! Here's how:

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