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Dear Prospective A'Cappella Team:

On MARCH 3RD, 2018, the Indian Student Alliance (ISA) will be hosting its 10th annual South Asian A’Cappella competition, Gathe Raho®! Seven teams will be chosen among a range of applicants to compete in the home of the Hawkeyes--Iowa City, Iowa. Each team will be expected to perform one ballad, one English-South Asian language medley and one song of choice for a total of three sets. If teams choose so, the ballad and/or song of choice can be an English-South Asian language or South Asian-South Asian language medley. The total performance time of these three sets is limited to 12 minutes.

We will be awarding $3000 in total prize money. First place will receive a prize of $2000 and second place will receive a prize of $1000. There will also be a People's Choice award.

In addition, our premier event will be a bid-point competition for the All American Awaaz competition, which will take place in Chicago, Illinois. Competing at Gathe Raho 2018 will allow your team to earn bid points towards the national championship.

All teams are required to arrive on Friday, MARCH 2ND (by 5:00 pm) in order to attend the mixer that night at 7:00 pm. All groups will stay at the newly opened Hilton Garden Inn, located in the heart of downtown Iowa City. All hotel costs are paid by the teams. ISA will only reserve the rooms for teams.

For each prospective team, there is a non-refundable $160 application fee. Late registration will require an additional $25 ($185). Details are below. Teams will be required to pay fees online through the link ( and send required ID materials for team members by the application dates. Once accepted, all teams are required to pay an additional $30 per person on the official roster. If these materials are not submitted by the day of the deadlines, they will NOT be accepted. We have detailed ISA regulations that should be reviewed by teams prior to the event.

Our organization will strive to provide a great experience for everyone involved in the event, especially our a'capella teams. We are at your service to guide you through the registration process. If at any time you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Over the past several years, our events have shown a tremendous pattern of increasing success and growth. We are thrilled that you have decided to take part in the success of our event.


ISA Gathe Raho Committee 2018

December 1st, 2017: REGULAR Registration Date.


December 9th, 2017: Final decisions will be made.

December 15th, 2017: Chosen teams must respond to acceptance before this date

*Fees must be paid through THIS LINK:

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Audition Video Link *
All videos must be electronically submitted either through YouTube or Google Docs. (Please put videos on private if you have any concerns for other teams.) These videos will be kept confidential and will not be shared. Videos will only be viewed by the Indian Student Alliance. There is no song requirement for the audition video, however, an English-South Asian language mixed medley song is recommended. The audition video must be a MINIMUM OF 3 MINUTES and be a performance or rehearsal with this year’s current team as if they will be performing for a competition. We ask that these videos be submitted in high quality, so we can judge all teams on the same level. We will be judging based on the same judging criteria used at the competition noted below. The Gathe Committee will not consider any audition video that does not adhere to the rules noted.
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Team Roster *
All team members should be listed below. Only team members enrolled in the University/College they represent are eligible to perform. Exceptions may be considered only with the explicit approval of the Gathe Committee. Each member must provide a copy of their official University ID as well as a copy of their official driver’s license. RELEASE/WAIVER: If more than one person signs this release, “I” shall refer to each signatory. I hereby agree with the University of Iowa’s Indian Student Alliance, that I will not file any suit or action of law or otherwise against the University, nor institute, prosecute or in any way aid the prosecution of any claim, demand, action, or cause of action for damages, costs, loss of service, expenses or compensation for or on account of any and all known and unknown foreseen and unforeseen injuries, damage to property, and the consequences thereof, resulting from my participation in Gathe Raho® 2018. ISA will hold all legal copy/reproducing rights to all material submitted and recorded during the competition, including videos and music, which become the property of ISA and could be used for promotional purposes. I hereby agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of Indian Student Alliance’s Gathe Raho® Competition, as stated previously in the registration packet. I have read and understood the terms of this release.
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Rules & Regulations
- All team members MUST be present at registration. All team members are required to sign waiver forms and show valid school ID upon registration. All team members must pay a $25 fee as noted above at this time as well. If any members do not complete this, they will not be allowed to compete.

- Teams must be present at given slot time of rehearsal. Each team will receive 20 minutes for rehearsal. Therefore, teams must stop rehearsal as soon as the rehearsal coordinator notifies the end of the slot. Five minutes will be allowed between each time slot to move in and out of the auditorium stage.

- Punctuality is necessary in all aspects of the competition, including registration and rehearsal. Tardiness will not be tolerated.

- Lighting cues, introduction videos, and extras must be received by January 29th, 2018. Lighting cues and extras are dependent upon the request and the venue. An introduction video is required. The video will be used to familiarize the audience with your group. Videos longer than two minutes will not be accepted. The introduction video must be submitted electronically through a YouTube or Google Doc link.

- All team members must have matching costumes. Costumes must be selected with discretion and any revealing costumes will not be allowed.

- Previous to the day of competition, a mixer will be held for both the ISA board and the competing teams. It is mandatory for all team members to attend this event. All teams must arrive by 5:00pm on MARCH 2ND, 2018.

- Each performance must NOT exceed 12 minutes. This does not include the time that the introduction video plays. During the performance, time will start as soon as the first sound is made on stage and end after the last song. Pitch pipe to pitch pipe.

- Each team may have a minimum of 12 and maximum of 16 members. Contact the Gathe Raho Committee if you have further concerns.

- All belongings are the responsibility of the team members. If any lost belongings are found and need to be shipped, the shipping must be paid for by the recipient.

- Teams are to treat other teams and ISA members with respect. Poor conduct is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Deductions & Penalties
Teams may lose points for the following reasons. Depending on the severity of the rule violation, teams may be disqualified.

- Failure to arrive on time and/or stay during the entirety of the mixer without prior approval from the Gathe Raho Committee (2pt deduction)

- Failure to be backstage for the performance team check-in at given time (1 pt deduction for every 5 min late)

- Failure to be present or arriving late to dress rehearsal (2 pt deduction)

- Failure to check-in or arriving late for check-in (2 pt deduction)

- Use of unauthorized recording device during the show (2 pt deduction)

- Exceeding 20 minute time limit for rehearsal (1 pt deduction for each minute over limit)

- Exceeding 12 minute time limit for performance (1 pt deduction for every 15 seconds over limit)

- Negative attitude towards other teams, including taunting, badgering, or harassing. Teams may be disqualified based upon the discretion of ISA board members.

All information regarding rules and regulations, deduction/penalties, and judging criteria are subject to change. If such change occurs, teams will be immediately notified.

Audition Judging Criteria
Vocal Performance:

Balance – Does the group have unified sound, maintaining harmony, melody, and rhythm?
Arrangement - Does the piece demonstrate difficulty, creativity, and talent?
Interpretation - Does the performance represent the original piece well?
Intonation - Is there a centered pitch throughout the piece?
Tone Quality - Does the group demonstrate control of the appropriate tone for the music?
Dynamics - Are the dynamics appropriately used and well executed?
Transitions - Are the transitions smooth?
Diction - Is there clarity in the word sounds?
Solo interpretation - Does the soloist contribution enhance the piece?

Visual Performance:

Quality of video itself
Visual Consistency – Is there consistency among the group with regards to movements, formations, and attire? Does this enhance the performance?
Stage Presence – Are there uniform expressions and energy throughout the overall performance?
Professionalism - Is the overall effect of the performance professional while maintaining individuality?
Final Checklist
Complete Registration Packet
Audition Web video, adhering to the rules noted above. All videos must be electronically submitted either through YouTube or another video sharing website
Photo copies of each performer’s University ID and driver’s license scanned and emailed to
Paid registration fee through
Kept at least one copy of all documents sent to the Gathe Committee in case of misplacements by either party.
All team members review and understand rules and regulations, deductions and penalties, final dates, and judges criteria.
Feel free to send further questions or concerns to
Contact Gathe Raho 2018 Director, Grace Kim: | 563-209-3452
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