2020 ALLC Leadership Summit Registration

Register now for our upcoming ALLC Leadership Summit in Battambang, Cambodia!

January 12th-16th, 2020
UofN Battambang, Cambodia

Contact us: asialeaderslearning@gmail.com

Registration Fee is $15 (500 Baht). Approximate costs are $50-$110 (depending on the type of accommodation)
More information will be sent to you once you have registered as well as a link to send in your arrival/departure information so we might even be able to pair you up with people arriving around the same time.

Please note: Those flying in are recommended to arrive at Siem Reap airport. It is 4 hours by car from the airport to Battambang. The ALLC will help coordinate transfers from the airport to YWAM Battambang only if you arrive on January 12th. If you arrive before or after then you will need to arrange for your own transportation to Battambang and arrange for any additional days of accommodation you require.

There are 4 options below for housing. Space on the YWAM Battambang campus is limited so some people will need to stay off-site at the hotel. We ask for your preference below, but your first choice is not guaranteed. If there is not enough space on the base then we will book a hotel room for you offsite and we will inform you of that.

It will not be possible to arrange transportation out of Battambang until January 17th.

We are so looking forward to seeing you at the UofN Campus in Battambang, Cambodia January 12th-16th!


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Please note that we only have male rooms and female rooms available at the base. if you are coming as a married couple you will have to be separate for a couple nights or please plan on staying off base at the hotel.
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