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What is ONE intention or goal that you have for yourself, your community and/or the world that you imagine being served by your participation in the Foundations Course? This can range from personal to systemic, general to specific. For example: get support for my struggles with self-esteem; liberation of immigrant families from detention centers; be a conscious parent; organize a community garden; to get clear on my personal purpose/community goals in life; nonviolent global liberation; co-create an ecovillage; transform the roots of systemic oppression; offer therapy to populations most impacted by covid-19; start a micro-lending bank; etc. This information will help us self-organize and discover potential synergy and collaborations. *
What are some other interests and passions around which you might enjoy finding synergy with others within the CCN? *
What do you expect your strengths and learning edges to be in relation to this work? *
Requested Contribution
We aspire to make it possible for everyone who wishes to participate in Cultural Catalyst Network events to be able to do so. And we acknowledge that systemic socio-economic disparities may impact a person’s ability to contribute financially. Equally, we'd like to take into consideration that certain resources go into organizing and hosting these events. So, we request a contribution at one of the following levels and ask that everyone contributes as generously as they are able.

Catalyst Rate ($795) – If your current financial situation allows you to do so, we invite you to pay the catalyst rate. With this rate you contribute to social balance by cross-financing reduced rates and scholarships, enabling a diversity of socio-economic perspectives in our learning group cohort.

Standard Rate ($495) – If you have an income that enables you to, we invite you to pay the Standard Rate.

Supported rate ($295) – If you are faced with a difficult financial situation, we invite you to pay the Supported Rate, describing your financial situation in the next section.

Scholarship – There are a limited number of scholarships available for participants from disenfranchised groups and/or participants who are in a difficult financial situation. Apply for a scholarship below by writing a brief statement of your need related to your request. If you’re in need, regardless of your identity, please feel free to apply. Scholarships will be awarded as long as funds remain.
Please select the level at which you are willing and able to contribute *
How to request financial assistance (Supported Rate or Scholarship)
If you are requesting financial assistance (Supported Rate or Scholarship), please send an email to describing:

1) your life circumstances
2) the amount you are able to contribute financially
3) the specific amount of financial support you are requesting

Financial assistance will depend on available resources.
We invite you to write to us even if you’re not sure if you qualify for a scholarship or reduction.
And, we'd like to acknowledge that the additional application for requesting reduced rates and scholarships requires an extra effort from those already impacted by financial challenges.
Once we receive your registration we will contact you regarding making a payment to reserve your place on the course.
We trust that our transformational work in the world is most effective when we have support and companionship. So we suggest that you identify at least one or two other people from your home community (or network or organization) who might also be interested to join the Foundations Course. Please list below the names and email addresses of others you sense would be a positive addition to this community of people called to catalyze life-enriching transformation in the world. We may not have space in the course to accommodate everyone who applies, but we'll do our best to have each of us supported within the community.
Anything else you'd like us to know? Do you have any feedback or requests at this time?
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Make sure to save your responses so you can draw on them later during some of the course exercises!
So excited to be on this journey with you!
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