We're hiring writers for Midnight Music!
Hey there, music teacher!

Are you looking for a little freelance gig to do on the side of your main job as a teacher? Do you love to write and want to share your knowledge of teaching music with others? Do you have tons of fun tips and experience incorporating technology into the way you teach music to your students?

We’ve got just the thing for you!

Midnight Music is looking to hire a few writers to start contributing to our blog in the coming weeks/months.

The focus of the Midnight Music blog (https://www.midnightmusic.com.au/blog/) is to provide meaningful technology advice and professional learning for music teachers. Readers are enthusiastic music educators who want to discover ways to use technology effectively and meaningfully in their teaching.

What we are looking for in our articles:
- Min. 1,500 words in length
- High quality, well-researched and unique content
- Proofread, formatted, structured and clear
- Follows our Writer's Guideline and Blog Voice guide (will be provided to you!)

This position will start with 1 paid trial article. For the right writers, this could turn into a long-term arrangement where you regularly write articles for us!

This is a completely remote, flexible, work-from-home position and you would be hired on a freelance basis.

We are looking to pay per article written.

Requirements for writers:
- Native English speaker or excellent English
- Tech-savvy enough to describe technology, the use of apps and softwares
- Has at least 2 writing samples to share with us - please make sure they are not academic, professional writing. More so conversational and blog-style writing samples!
- Able to follow deadlines and honor commitments to write for us
- Able to respond within 48-72 hours to revision requests

Strongly preferred:
- Current or former music teacher
- Has real-life classroom experience implementing music tech exercises and has screenshots/photos to supplement blog articles with
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You can upload your writing to Google Drive or Dropbox and leave the link below, or just drop a live URL of something you've written for yourself or someone else. Please make sure the samples that you share are not academic, professional writing pieces. We're looking for more conversational and blog-style writing samples! Feel free to refer to our blog to find some examples of the type of content we normally put out.
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We'd ideally love it if our writers could also share real-life examples of how they have implemented technology into the way they teach their students, and sharing photos or screenshots where possible!
Take a scroll through our existing blog posts (https://www.midnightmusic.com.au/blog/), let us know what your favorite article is and why you love it! *
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You will normally be assigned topics from us to write on - but we'd love to hear any suggestions that you think would be a good fit for our audience! :)
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Please don't forget to include the currency you're quoting in! In this quote, please also include sending in 4-5 images/screenshots that you either source online, create yourself or ideally taken straight from your classroom.
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