BURN2 2018 Small Art Contributions
BURN2 is an official Regional organization and the October BURN is an official Burning Man Regional event immersed in and expressing the Ten Principles of Burning Man. The BURN in Second Life will occur this October 19-28. It is resident funded and produced. We are radically self-reliant!

This is your opportunity to participate in BURN2's Radical Ritual by contributing a small art piece to be displayed on the sims during the event.

Submit a small piece of artwork for us to display. Here are the criteria:

☞ No more than 50 LI
☞ Must fit within a 5 meter cube (this can include 2D art, pictures)

Fill in the form below; we will contact you to arrange for your art piece to be placed on the sims.

When You Sign Up Here...
It is assumed that you will follow the Ten Principles of Burning Man ( http://burn2.org/ten-principles ). We also encourage -but don't REQUIRE - you to create to the theme, I, Robot ( https://burningman.org/event/brc/2018-art-theme-i-robot/ ) and the criteria mentioned above.
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