The purpose of this survey is to gather congregational input regarding Eco-friendly practices and initiatives at Berkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship. Many of the proposed initiatives are interconnected and overlap. At the end of survey there is space for open ended responses and clarification of your interests and opinions.
Which of the following initiatives do you support to develop the Berkey Avenue Fellowship Property? Check all that apply.
Which of the following initiatives do you think should be given the highest priority to develop in the next 3 to 5 years? (Please choose your top 5.)
How important is it that Berkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship develop and maintain practices that are environmentally sensitive?
At the present time Creation Care has no budget. Would you support additional expenditures for Eco-friendly projects in our church budget?
Recognizing that our usage of fossil fuels has costs that we do not currently pay, some churches challenge their members to voluntarily tax their fossil fuel usage. This money is then given to environmental causes or used to green the church. Would you like Berkey to add a budget line item for this purpose? Check all that apply:
Are you interested in joining others in the congregation in using ride sharing apps to car pool to and from church?
Are there additional Eco-friendly uses for the Berkey Avenue Property which you would like to explore?
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Are there additional Eco-friendly practices which would you like to see Berkey Avenue adopt?
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Please use this space to comment or provide additional ideas regarding possible Eco-friendly ideas at Berkey.
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