AI-MAS Lab - Open positions
We have made available a list of research topics for which we are actively looking for students to join! You can find more details about the application process, the topics proposed and the groups of research at the following link

* Please know that this form represents only the first stage of the application process.

You must also submit solutions to the following challenges:
We have released a set of problems (@ ) for which we are curious in finding out what solutions you offer. You will have until the 26th of October, 23:59 to send us solutions to as many problems as you like. (For more details follow the link)

Applications will still be open until the 26th of October and you can also modify your preferences (topic priorities) until then, just fill in the form again.

On the 29th of October we will contact you with the results!

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We will occupy the available spots in the order of the interview grades and according to your preferences.
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_Autonomous_Driving_ End to end driving model and its applicability on UPB streets
_Autonomous_Driving_ End to end driving model interpretability & System Functional safety
_Autonomous_Driving_ Localization for Autonomous Vehicles
_Autonomous_Driving_ Data Challenges for Autonomous Vehicles
_Assistive_Robotics_ Long-Term 3D Mapping Of Unknown Environments for Social Robotics
_Assistive_Robotics_ Human Activity Recognition using Robot-Mounted RGB(D) Cameras
_Assistive_Robotics_ Introducing assistive robots in ambient assisted living (AAL) environments
_Reinforcement_Learning_ Curiosity driven exploration
_Context_Management_ Combining Knowledge and Data Driven Context Inference in Ambient Intelligence Applications
_Context_Management_ Adding context-awareness capabilities to assistive robots in Ambient Intelligence Scenarios
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