ASHKAR ELEMENTARY Student Assistance Program (SAP) Initial Referral Form 2020-2021
The Student Assistance Program is a state-mandated K-12 program designed to assist school personnel in identifying issues including mental health issues, substance abuse, or other personal obstacles which pose a barrier to a student's success.

If you believe the referral you are about to make is emergency in nature (For Example - Crisis that needs immediate attention to include but not limited to - harming oneself or someone else... ) contact the school administration or counselor IMMEDIATELY; in this case, S.A.P. is not the right intervention.

Anyone may make a SAP referral. Referrals may be made anonymously except in the case of teacher or staff. It is expected that teachers and staff identify themselves when making a referral when working in their professional capacity. This information is confidential and not shared with the student.
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