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Many thanks for providing the University Church worship leadership team with information about your preaching plans. Please forgive us for asking for so many details, but since our worship services are seen by so many (both live and via broadcast), we do our very best to ensure everything is well-thought-out and accounted for both technically and aesthetically.

Walla Walla University Church Guest Speakers - Questions? Contact us at, or 509.527.2800.

Please send manuscript & powerpower files to by Thursday the week of your sermon. We need these files for our technical crew as well as for our translation ministry. Thank you!

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What is the main point of your message? What are the key metaphors or stories you will use? What are the key Biblical stories or motifs that you will use? We make it our practice to pull services together so that this theme finds threads throughout. As much as you can provide here is appreciated.
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Music Suggestion(s)/Request(s)
Are there particular hymns or congregational songs that fit well with your sermon? It is the custom at the University Church to not include extra musical performances, solos, or other songs as a part of the sermon itself. In addition, if you are filling this form out far enough ahead of time, our minister of music is sometimes able to accommodate requests for special songs/anthems as solos or performed by our ensembles.
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Benediction *
Because our services our broadcast, the sermon must stay within certain time restraints. In general, we allot 25 minutes for the sermon (this includes introductions, multimedia, extra illustrations, etc). Depending on the service, sometimes this limit can be stretched to 30 minutes. Please check below that you understand and agree to working within this constraint as you share with our congregation. Many thanks for your understanding and integrity in honoring this. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact pastor kris at *
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