Driver's Education Application 2020-21
Dear Driver’s Ed. Parent & Student

Welcome to Drivers Education at Manhattan Christian School! This is an intense course. By completing the application, you agree to the following:

-- We will cover a lot of material in a short period of time. The In-Class sessions and driving hours are the state minimum, thus attendance is mandatory. I cannot stress enough that all students get out and practice a lot with their parent(s) once they pass their written test and obtain a Learner's License.

-- Each day students should bring to class a notebook for taking notes and a couple pencils/pens. Students should also have a separate notebook to use as a journal for written observation as others drive.

-- Students must attend all class times and behind-the-wheel driving times in order to pass this course.

-- Students must also obtain an 82% or better in both the class and the driving to pass.

--Students are allowed two tardies only of up to 15 minutes each. Rare attendance/tardy exceptions may be made for emergencies, but I must be contacted immediately.

-- A student's attitude and cooperation will be a part of their passing the course as well. Students with routine/severe discipline problems will not pass.

-- Any student found driving illegally during the sign-up period will not be admitted.

-- Any student found driving illegally during the course will not pass. This could include driving themselves to class without a parent, driving without a learner’s license, etc.

--No cell phones, food, music/electronic devices, or beverage (besides water) are allowed in the driver's education car or classroom.

--Only shoes firmly attached to your feet should be used for driving- no flip flops or loose sandals. Regular school dress codes and rules regarding behavior are enforced.

-- Students must get plenty of rest the night before driving. Sleeping in class or in the Drivers’ Ed. Vehicle is not acceptable or safe.

--Students may be reached through my cell phone number or the school number for emergencies- leave a message.

-- As our schedule is tight, all driving times are mandatory in order to pass. Drive times will be scheduled once the class has started. If time allows I may consider one make-up drive per student (students will need to be flexible, as our schedule allows) in order to pass.

Class Schedule 8 - 10 am:

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 6/7 6/8 6/9 6/10
2 6/14 6/15 6/16
3 6/21 6/22 6/23
4 6/28 6/29 6/30
5 7/6 7/7 7/8
6 7/12 7/13 7/14
7 7/20 7/21 7/22 7/23

Now that the rules are set forth, I hope that this will be a fun course for you while learning to be a safe conscientious driver. Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me:

Sincerely, Home: 946-4125
Mr. Jeffrey Bennett Cell: 220-2101
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On the first day of class, Monday, June 7, I will bring: (Check all that apply) *
At the mandatory parent meeting on Tuesday, June 8 at 7pm in the MEC Atrium, I will bring: (Check all that apply) *
Students-- By inserting your name and date, you agree to abide by the expectations noted above. *
Parents-- By inserting your name and day, you agree to abide by the expectations noted above. In addition, the parent agrees to provide many practice driving opportunities once the student has obtained his/her permit to allow for full development of newly learned skills. *
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