Team DPW Membership Agreement 2018
As a member of Team DPW, each member must read and agree to abide by the following:

PARTICIPATION: Members are expected to actively participate in team functions. This includes assisting in team activities including but not limited to boat maintenance, boot camps, and fund raising events.

WAIVERS: All paddlers must read and submit the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation waiver and the Team DPW waiver.
Guests are allowed up to 3 complimentary paddling sessions after which guests need to read and submit the Membership application and pay membership dues.

MEMBERSHIP DUES: Membership dues are required to cover annual operating costs, including boat maintenance, purchase of team equipment, supplies, and liability insurance for paddlers. Additional fees may be requested for race fees. Race fees range from $30 - $60 not including lunch.

Full Adult Membership: $100 (Full time student membership $60) must be paid by March 31.
New members should pay within one month of deciding to join the team.

Participants have the option to pay the amount by check, online using Paypal at or Venmo - Teamdpw2006. The Treasurer, Olivia Moreno, may grant requests for installment payments, but arrangements must be finalized before March 31.

Members are responsible for additional fees due to insufficient funds. The full amount of the check plus fees must be paid online.

Dues must be paid in order to attend practice sessions and be eligible to participate in races. When registering for the year members are expected to pay for the entire year even if they don't participate the entire season. Dues are non-refundable.

RACING: Members must sign up for a race by notifying the coaches. During race sign-up periods, sign-ups will be on a first come, first-served basis. Members shall be committed to participate in the required practices, unless there is an unforeseen emergency. Members will notify the coaches as soon as possible of their inability to race.

Coaches determine the team rosters for each boat at their discretion. They will take into consideration various criteria including performance, commitment, experience, fitness, attendance, attitude, weight distribution, and strategy when preparing a team roster. Coaches will do their best to ensure all participating team members get the maximum number of races; however, team will be selected to obtain the best possible results for the team and not to satisfy individuals.

COMMUNICATION: The team website is updated weekly regarding available practice times. However, the primary communication is the team e-mail group list. This e-mail group is the communication tool most widely used by the team staff to communicate with the members. E-mails concerning practice, events, trips and general team information are sent through this e-mail group. New members are added to the group when they join.

ATTITUDE: Be on time to all team scheduled events and practices.
Respect coaches, team captains, and team members.
Maintain a positive attitude.
Do not participate in undermining backchat or develop any negative feelings or responses.

RESPECT: Respect the guidelines established for the team to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment.
Respect decisions made by the coaches and team captains.

SPORTSMANSHIP: Encourage others, perform your best in every race, control your emotions at all times.
Be understanding of all volunteers and officials, know where and when you must be at all times.
Cheer and enjoy your achievements and achievements others attain.

Members and guests must sign up for practice sessions either by email or online at
Guests may borrow equipment (life vest & paddle) during their first 3 complimentary practices. Afterwards members must purchase their own equipment.

Every paddler must have a life vest with them at all times while in the boat.

After each practice, everyone is expected to assist with the boat clean up including removing excess water from the boat, removing water bottles and trash. Return steering oars and making sure other equipment is properly stored. All borrowed paddles and life vests should be returned and neatly placed in the equipment shed after each use.

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