Connection Bridge
We are looking for information about how residents in your facility remain socially connected with their family and how you as a facility manager feel about the use of technology in this population. It would be very helpful to us if you could take a few minutes to fill out this survey.
Based on what you have observed, how do residents keep in touch with their family and friends?
Please check the two you see most commonly.
In your opinion, approximately what percentage of your residents are satisfied with their ability to stay connected socially?
Do you see a correlation between your residents who have a fulfilling social life, and the overall level of satisfaction a resident has with your facility?
In your opinion, is there a correlation between a resident's social health and their physical and mental health?
Please mark the statement you agree with most.
In your opinion, approximately what percentage of your residents are intimidated by or frustrated with technology such as computers and smart phones?
Imagine a very simple, non-intimidating “window” to a person’s family and friends. In your opinion, what percentage of your residents would be willing to try this new device for social interaction?
Do you think that residents' younger family members would be more likely to stay in touch when they can't visit in-person if there was a way to connect using technology?
Please choose other if you have any comments to type in the box.
Would your facility be willing to help test a device that was designed specifically to enable social connectedness for people with little or no technical skills?
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