PTSA Mascot Change Questionnaire
Current Del Mar ASB students are looking into changing the school mascot.

Background Information:

The Don misrepresents the student body
In a school that is 56% socio-economically disadvantaged, a landowner is a terrible representation of our school’s students. Another way that our school is misrepresented is that a Don by definition is male, but this is not an all-boys school.

The Del Mar Don gives our school a bad reputation
Although the Don is just a Spanish prefix, there is a more notorious definition at play. A Don is also high ranking mafia member. The reason why this is bad is because our school often gets the reputation of being a “bad” or “ghetto” school and changing the mascot can be the first step to changing it.

The Don doesn’t excite the student body
The Don isn’t exciting for our school in general. When we go to football games, basketball games, or any other competition, most schools don’t even know what a Don is, including our school, and that doesn’t allow us to give off our full spirit.
What do you think of Del Mar's current mascot? *
Do you think our current mascot accurately represents our school beliefs? Why or why not? *
Would you be happy to see the mascot change? *
Do you have any ideas for a new mascot for our school? (Must be school appropriate and represent Del Mar in a positive way)
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