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We founded Guardial to tackle women safety and empower all people to have another option besides just walking faster and hoping their instincts are false. Whether you're walking on the streets or getting into an Uber, we aim to provide an active deterrent instead of a reactive one. It's our mission to help you better protect yourself.

Guardial will begin beta testing (user feedback and experience testing for our app) around late-August to mid-September. Sign up to receive an email with an access link, if you're interested in beta testing our app!

Gain perks such as...
- Frequent giveaways including, but not limited to...
- Portable Bluetooth speakers
- Sports hats
- Water bottles
- Giftcards
- Premium access to the app pre-launch
- Votes in new features/product design
- Being a part of a large, meaningful cause

Our mission with Guardial is to provide smart personal safety to all people. That's why we are working hard to keep our app free and accesible to all. To help support our cause, please do stay in the loop and spread the word to people who may be interested.

If there's more we can do for you, or you have any questions, please contact us — we'd love to hear from you!

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