Evolution Introduction
Complete the worksheet using the videos shown in class or on your own device. Answer questions fully (each answer should be at least 2 -3 sentences) and in complete sentences. Paper for the drawing question is located under the printer.
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What is Evolution?
What exactly is evolution?
What does evolution tell us about creatures today?
How is evolution defined in the video?
What does DNA do and what does it contain?
Explain DNA mutation and what happens to the organism?
Where did all dogs evolve from and who guided their evolution? What did they do to create the dogs we do today?
What do scientists think is the "common ancestor"?
What were the names of the two scientists who helped to determine how nature "guides evolution?"
Finally watch the video below after you've finished the questions above. Not everyone believe the same things in life, so.... Does the Theory of Evolution Really Matter??
Name at least one interesting thing you learned today in science and something that you'd like to learn more about.
I learned that DNA has to always be different or the living thing will always look and act the same.
Using a separate sheet of paper, choose your own animal and show, "Changes in heritable traits within a population across generations" (3:57 of the video). Write the name of the animal you chose below. You may not choose and animal already discussed in the video.
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