Registering your information for the Matricula of the 14th Conferment Ceremony at the Faculty of Social Sciences
Your information is collected for a publication called the Matricula, which will be distributed to all conferees.

Only the parts marked with a red asterisk (*) are compulsory, but the more information you give, the more comprehensive and more stylish your introduction will be. Below is an example of an introductory text for the Matricula:

Meikäläinen, née Suomalainen, Maija Maarit
*1.1.1972 Jyväskylä. Parents teacher Matti Suomalainen and nurse Liisa Suomalainen, née Liikkuvainen. Spouse Susanna Meikäläinen, M.Soc.Sc., children Mikko 1998 and Matilda 2001. Secondary school graduate at Käpylän yhtenäiskoulu 1991, student of Soc. Sc. 1992. ESO, Student Executive for Polho ry 1994, Ylioppilaskamerat 1994-2000. M.Soc.Sc. 2001, major political history, minor communication studies, Master's thesis ETYK ja kolme koria; ihmisoikeudet lännen pelinappulana. Dr.Soc.Sc. 2005. Doctoral thesis ETYK ja puuttuva kori; ihmisoikeudet lännen pelinappulana. Journalist, Helsingin Sanomat 2001-2003; Jyväskylän normaalikoulu, teacher 2003-2004; editor, Satakunnan kansa 2005-. Communication manager for the Nation of Southern Finland 1994; executive committee member for local newspaper Kotkalainen 2005.

The promovendi will get a chance to review their introductions before the Matricula goes to press.

You can also fill in the form in Finnish or Swedish.

The form is quite large, so reserve enough time to be able to fill it. The deadline to filling this form is the 29th of April (Friday, two days after Conferment enrollment deadline).

If you have any problems with filling the form, please contact the Conferment Committee:
Personal details
Surname *
Given name(s) *
Date of birth ( *
First language
Finnish, Swedish or English. The introduction will published in your chosen language.
Clear selection
Former surname
Née surname, if you are e.g. married.
Municipality of birth
Name and occupation of father
Name and occupation of mother
Name and title of the spouse, e.g. “John Doe, M.Soc.Sc.”
Names and dates of birth of children
If you wish, you can only submit for example the given names.
Military rank
e.g. degree or other title.
Brief professional history
e.g. “Journalist, Helsingin Sanomat 2001–2003; teacher, Jyväskylä upper secondary school 2003–2004”.
National badges of honor and / or other recognitions
Including recognitions from student organizations
The most important positions of trust after graduation
Educational background
University degrees
Enter all your degrees. Years should be in the format 2015 = -15. Enter your bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees on their own lines and the year of graduation behind them.
Year of graduating from upper secondary school and name of the school
Starting year of studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences
Major subject
Minor subjects in the Faculty of Social Sciences
Other minor subjects
The subject and the school. You may also write all your minors in the previous field.
Topic of Master’s thesis
Topic of Doctoral thesis
Studies abroad
Subject, name of the university and country.
Other possible degrees
Most important publications
Academic life
Nation at University
Positions of trust during studies
All positions of trust in student organizations, student community and the university
Memberships of political, recreational, or other student organisations
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