The Virtual CeO
Attention : CXOs/Leaders/Directors/CoFounders/Trustees/Business Growth Consultants/Investors for their Invested Businesses

The Virtual CEO 21 Weeks Training & Consulting Framework for Startups and MSMEs

Digitize & Monetize Your Venture into a Recurring Income & Investible Business Model

1. 3 to 5 Years Recurring Revenues Business Blueprint along with Product Strategy
2. Respective Target Audience Community Development along with Sales & Marketing Strategy
3. Customer Lifecycle Journey Revenue Business Blueprint Mapping
4. Data Analytics & Monetization Strategy
5. Business Process ReEngineering & Digital Transformartion Roadmap
6. Cash Flow Management, Fund Raising, Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy

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After the Successful Completion of our Blended Learning Programs (#5DaysRevenueKickstarterChallenge & #21DaysBusinessSustainabilityChallenge) Launch for Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners, We at Bringle UK and India are planning to launch an Elite Program The Virtual CeO LIVE Program and handholding wrt Sales & Marketing, Delivery & Automation (#21WeeksOfBusinessAdaptability) and that would cover the following aspects

1. Value Proposition, Business Modeling & Leadership aspects
2. Sales and Marketing to achieve Customer Delight
3. Process and Digital Transformation for better efficiency and effectiveness
4. Finance, Legal and Investments for profitability

We have partnered with IIMs, Niti Aayog and few other Industry Global Experts and would focus on Holistic Business Transformation and with this certification, you would be able to either run your own organization or can manage your premium consulting services as Virtual CeO

We could also explore if I could work with you to sustain, adapt and scale up your business to a Billion dollar Entreprise
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Are you interested in taking #5DaysRevenueKickstarterChallenge and learn to earn 6 Digit Passive Income Model in 6 Hours ? ~Actual Price - INR 8400/USD 111/EURO 111~
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Are you interested to Build a Complete Product Market Fit Strategy as part of #21DaysBusinessSustainabilityChallenge ? ~Actual Price - INR 51600/USD 660/EURO 570~
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Would you be interested in taking #21WeeksRevenueKickstarterChallenge and learn all the Process and Digital Transformation for better efficiency and effectiveness? ~Actual Price - INR 1,65,000/USD 1800/EURO 1830~
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