PyCon UK 2019 application for financial assistance
Please read before completing this form.

If you will require financial assistance to be able to attend PyCon UK, you must complete and submit this form by 17:00 (Europe/London) on Friday, 14th June 2019. The organisers will not be able to accept applications after that date. The earlier you complete this form the better.

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Your website, weblog, etc
Feel free to give us links to your website, weblog or other web presence that you think will be useful.
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Have you submitted or do you intend to submit a speaking proposal to the conference? *
Accepted speakers will be given priority in the financial grant allocation process.
Where will you be travelling from? *
Tell us the country and town.
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Tell us about yourself *
We'd like to know who you are - please give us some personal information about you and your background.
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Tell us about you and Python *
We'd like to know where and what you do in your work or studies; what you use or plan to use Python for; what other software events you have attended; what Python-related activities you have been involved in; what plans or aspirations you have for your local community. Important! You don't need to try to impress the committee with grand achievements or aims - we just want to learn more about you.
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How will attending PyCon UK benefit you? *
We'd like to know what you personally hope to get out of the conference.
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How will your attendance at PyCon UK benefit other Python programmers and the community? *
We'd like to know what you hope other people will gain as the result of your attendance. This can include people in your own local community as well as the people you will meet at the event.
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What are you requesting? *
If you are granted financial assistance, you will automatically be allocated a free ticket. If you don't require financial assistance, you can still apply for a free ticket.
How much financial assistance will you require in order to attend the event?
Answer this only if you are requesting financial assistance as well as a free ticket. We need to know the total amount that will make your attendance possible. For example, if you calculate that the cost of travel, accommodation and subsistence will be £800, and you can afford to spend £300 yourself, you should request £500. Please convert amounts to pounds Sterling.
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