Dance Competition Harvest Festival 2020
The Registration Fees for Dance Competition - $20 (per group)
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Age category -( 9 -12 years)
Age group ( 13 - 17 years)
Age group ( 18 and over)
Classical (Bharatnatyam, Kathak, etc)
Semi-classical/ Folk (any semi-classical/ folk/regional/ bollywood,etc
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Rules of the contest
Each group MUST have at least 5 performers
Each performance / presentation must not exceed 5 minutes.
There will be negative scoring for the performance exceeding the time limit.
The winning group from each category above will be announced.
Judges’ decision is the final decision.

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Consent Form
Please ensure that all participants fill up the consent form from the link -
Please fill up the consent form and make participation fee payment. Forward the consent form link to the participants to fill it up.
Email at sarita.isw@gmailcom for any questions
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