2019-2020 Shepton Orchestra Consent Form & Orchestra Handbook Acknowledgement
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Please read through the Shepton Orchestra Handbook with your child, then fill out and submit this online form no later than Wednesday, August 21st. Link to handbook: https://tinyurl.com/y229r88y

This form MUST be filled out by the student's Parent/Guardian.
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I have read and understand the orchestra handbook's contents and both my student and I agree to abide by the expectations set forth in the handbook.
Insurance Statement
Insurance Release: *
I have been made aware that accident insurance for injuries which may be sustained during practices, rehearsals, or performances of the Shepton Orchestra is available from an independent carrier. I have also been made aware that theft and vandalism insurance for privately owned instruments is available from an independent carrier.
Orchestra Fee-$65 (Cash or Check written to Shepton Orchestra Boosters) Due by October 1st. We will start accepting Checks or cash after September 1st. *
I understand that all students are expected to pay the $65 orchestra fee. This fee covers the class book, t-shirt, uniform cleaning fee, outside coaches, Concert venues, and general orchestra needs. Furthermore, if I need to make installment payments, I will contact Mr. Slaughter directly. I know that all checks should be made payable directly to: " Shepton Orchestra Boosters."( Please include students name and students ID# on all communication)
Privacy Image Release *
Students who attend school in the Plano Independent School District are occasionally asked to be a part of school and/or District publicity, publications and/or public relations activities. In order to guarantee student privacy and ensure your agreement for your student to participate, the District asks that you sign this form. This form indicates approval for the student’s name, picture, voice or verbal statement to appear in school publicity or District publications, videos or on the District’s Web Site. For example, pictures and articles about school activities may appear in local newspapers or district publications. Plano ISD agrees that the student’s name, voice, verbal statements, portrait or picture shall only be used for public relations, public information, school or district promotion, publicity and instruction. We understand that no monetary consideration shall be paid. Consent and release have been given without duress. This agreement is binding upon heirs and or future legal representatives. Statements and photos may be used in subsequent years.
Code of Conduct *
I understand and consent to the responsibilities outlined in the PISD Student Code of Conduct. I know my child shall be held accountable for behavior and consequences outlined in that code at school sponsored activities. This shall include school travel and any school related misconduct, regardless of time or location. Students involved in extracurricular activities are held to a higher standard of conduct. PISD views participation in these activities as a privilege, not a right. I understand that any student who violates the Code of Conduct shall be subject to disciplinary action. Students involved in major infractions (i.e. including, but not limited to, drugs, alcohol, and violent behavior) will be removed temporarily or permanently from extracurricular activities. Disciplinary action could extend into next school year and affect tryouts for the next season.
Private Lesson Information
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If needed, I am available to take lessons-
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If possible, schedule my student with:
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Outside Private Teacher
If your student is already enrolled in private lessons outside of school, please list their name.
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Volunteer Needs! *
We need your help! We may have specific jobs that need to be coordinated by parent volunteers. We will also need help throughout the year with miscellaneous duties. If you can take on any of these responsibilities, or do not mind being called periodically for help, please let us know by checking the appropriate blank(s) below.
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