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Required form for requisition of "supply drop" (i.e. morale boosting boxes of awesomeness) for deployed personnel, US installations, military hospitals, VA Hospitals, USO facilities, etc. OSD will sort requests based on priority of location, timing and need against product availability. We strive to fulfill as many requests as possible with as much as possible.

Supply drops **may** include video games, board games, card games, coffee, comics, tees, snacks, and other swag from our proud partners. Items in specific supply drops, subject to availability and unit location(s).

Rank must be E-4 or higher to submit request (If below E-4, have Team Leader or higher submit) - requests from non-compliant ranks will be ignored.

OSD does not fulfill Supply Drops for Individuals, this program is intended for your Team, Unit, Battalion, MWR, etc.

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Pictures! Please 6-8 good group photos your team in full kit, working, patrolling, flying, embracing the suck below.
REQUESTS WITHOUT PICTURES CANNOT BE ACCEPTED. We will also be following up after you receive your supply drop to get pictures of you and your team receiving the drop as well as candids. These are what help us to continue increasing the support from this program.

This program is intended for your Team, Unit, Battalion, please ensure you submit pictures to match and not just a bunch of selfies.

***(If you cannot upload below, please email pictures ~ensuring your unit name and identifiers are in the email~ to***

All photos should be OPSEC Approved as what we recieve WILL BE posted on the internet, so make sure they are cleared.

We would request you send us pictures of your team and you receiving the drop. Pictures of the supply drops help us continue to support others by providing images to our sponsors of veterans with their products. Help us help others! Send photos to:

Please upload 6-8 images showing your unit for this submission (see above for info) *
Unit Size *
How many troops/veterans/military community members will this supply drop impact? *
Unit Name (i.e. A Co 2-82nd ABN DIV) *
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Please tell us about your unit and current deployment. *
Why does your unit deserve a supply drop? *
How much longer are you in country/hospital? *
What types of gear would your unit like? (Note: Due to numerous factors including high request volume, timelines, inventory and supply chain/logistics we may not be able to fulfill all requested items. We recommend checking as many boxes as possible to increase the our ability to hit the mark.) *
Do you currently have access to either of the following either in your unit or in the MWR/Rec Center: *
Shipping Information
Make this one count: this is where your drop is going to. APO/FPO mailing address, etc. Ensure you find out where your Unit #, CMR#, PSC or BOX # is and include it. Your mailing address should look similar to:

UNIT 2050 BOX 4190
APO AP 96278

Address Line 1 *
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City *
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Unit #/CMR/PSC
I understand our request **will not be reviewed** if there are no images attached (or received via email) to this request or there is not enough time remaining to get package to my organization. *
I commit to confirming receipt of our 'supply drop' as well as providing feedback and images to OSD *
I acknowledge I am an E-4 or higher and am requesting this Supply Drop for my unit/team and not for myself. *
My unit has not received support from OSD with a 'supply drop' in the past 120 days. (email if unsure) *
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