New Zealand Schools Japanese Trivia Championships June 16, 2017

EMAIL Adam Burden if you wish to discuss the possibility of entering a team


Please note that participants must be currently in Years 7-10. There is just one OPEN category only for Year 9 and 10 students. If there is more than one Year 7-8 team competing in your region then the top team will also be recognised in that category. All teams regardless of year will answer the SAME questions.

Canterbury schools - your competition is for Year 9 students ONLY.

IMPORTANT!! Native Japanese students are NOT permitted. Participants must NOT have attended school in Japan for more than one year. Participants must NOT have a native Japanese parent.

Each team must consist of 3 or 4 students.

Please also ensure that you read CAREFULLY the "Application Guidelines". These can also be found at

School name
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Teacher name
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Teacher Email Address
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Which region will you compete in (venue in brackets) - CANTERBURY AND AUCKLAND VENUES ARE FULL!
How many teams would you like to enter?
Some venues might not be able to cater for all schools so please act swiftly to get your applications in. Schools will be informed of final team allocations in early May. Some regions might allow more teams to be entered following the receipt of all entries. Schools will be informed if this is the case.
Our school will be able to provide senior student volunteers at assist on June 16
Volunteers are required to assist venues run the event. Volunteers might be required to help set up venue, mark answers, take registrations, help tidy up (Auckland not required)
I wish to apply for a travel subsidy
Subsidies are NOT available to cover carparking or distances less than 100km (return trip). Please answer the next question if you select "YES". Preference is given to schools travelling LONG distances
IF you are applying for a subsidy please note the travelling distance in KILOMETRES
This is a partial subsidy of the full cost. Note that if the teacher uses their personal car the subsidy will be in the form of petrol vouchers. If a school van is made a partial payment will be made to the school. You will be informed of the total amount of your subsidy in early May
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AUCKLAND TEAMS ONLY - If you require a van carpark you must include the REGISTRATION NUMBER of the vehicle AND the DRIVER'S NAME. There are limited places so we urge you to secure your car park well before April 15.
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