Spring 2017 Application - GlowLime Games
Apply to work on a project with GlowLime Games for Spring 2017. We're a collective of student developers, working together to build our portfolios and game creation experience (non-students and remote collaborators are welcome): http://glowlime.com/. All GlowLime projects are volunteer-based and not-for-profit.
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Official Games
Our Hiring team will use your responses here, plus your availability + experience to determine which project(s) to offer you role(s) on. We will only choose some of these projects to sponsor as official projects. The amount of interest each project gets is taken into account when we are selecting which projects to sponsor.
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Extreme Interest
Deathless - Sienna Cornsih - http://tinyurl.com/gl-s17-deathless
His Excellency's Chef - Jonathan Kittell-Queller - http://tinyurl.com/gl-s17-chef
Letters to Reid - Martha Hollister - http://tinyurl.com/gl-s17-letterstoreid
Match Games
NOTE: we will share your name, email, roles, skills, and availability with the pitchers of any of these projects you select (which does not apply to the official projects above). Match titles are not affiliated with GlowLime beyond their inclusion on this survey.
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