Boys Winter Tournament Commitments
Note: There WILL be a FEE with these tournaments. The money pays for the tourney fees and coaches’ lodging. Parents are responsible for transportation and lodging in out of town tournaments. The out of town tournaments may be by invitation depending on the number of players. We do not want the parents paying fees and traveling and their boys not playing. Please fill out the tournaments that match your son and the coaching staff will keep you updated on the rosters ASP.

Age Group: The Tournaments are setup by Age Groups. If you are not sure please have your son check with his coach.
18 Under: Varsity. Some of the Current JV Players will move up so have your son check if unsure.
16 Under: Freshmen and Sophomores
14 Under: 7th & 8th Grade
Players that sign up for a tournament and do not show up will be charged a $25 fee. Payment due before they come to the next practice. If you know about a problem before the tournament please discuss it with the coach.
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18U - January 11-12: Pacific Winter Classic at San Diego *
Fee: $60
14U, 16U, 18U - January 18: Bronco Winter Splash at Clovis North *
Fee: No Fee (our tournament)
14U, 16U - January 25-26: Clovis Winter Rumble at Clovis *
Fee: $20.00
14U, 16U & 18U - February 8-9: Kap7 at Irvine *
Fee: $70.00
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