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We are so excited that you are interested in leading or hosting a group at Journey of Faith Church! We would like to get to know you more, so please fill out the form below and we will contact you soon!
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Tell us how you came to Journey of Faith, along with how long you have been attending.
Please read through the entirety of the Journey of Faith mission statement, core values, and statement of faith ( Do you agree with Journey of Faith's mission statement and beliefs? *
Have you been a part of a church group like this in the past? If so, please describe what it was like, what context it was in, and for how long? *
Groups need founding members to grow and succeed. Do you currently have 3 or 4 people with whom you can start your group? *
Please tell us how you came to know Jesus in a few sentences. *
How would you describe your relationship with Jesus? *
Who in your life challenges you and helps you strive to follow and grow in Jesus? *
Please give us the name, email, phone number, and an explanation of your relationship with at least two people who we can contact to learn more about your character. Do not include family members. Think of neighbors, co-workers, supervisors, leaders you have work with or under, perhaps in ministry environments. *
Is there anything you feel we should know that could possibly come up and cause a person to wonder about your credibility as a group leader? (i.e. substance use/abuse, arrests, legal charges, accusations, etc.) If so, please describe. This doesn't mean you are discounted as a possible facilitator. *
Thank you so much! We will be in touch with you within a few days!
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