2019 AMIA+DLF Hack Day Cross-Pollinator Application
Get funded to make connections and bring DLF community smarts to the Association of Moving Image Archivists! To apply for support to attend this year's annual AMIA conference in Baltimore (November 13-17, 2019), please submit the following using the form below:

- a personal statement (500 word limit)
- a link to your online resumé, CV, or professional profile
- an estimated budget

Applications are due Friday, Sept 27 by 5pm EDT

Full fellowship description and and eligibility requirements can be found at: https://www.diglib.org/amiadlfcp/
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Personal Statement *
A statement of no more than 500 words, explaining your involvement in digital libraries or related fields and your affiliation with a DLF member organization (https://www.diglib.org/members/). Please also describe how you see yourself acting in the role of 'cross-pollinator' and benefitting to the AMIA and DLF communities. Edit elsewhere and paste here!
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Link to resumé, CV, or full professional profile online *
Please provide a direct link to the most complete information available online, detailing your work history and professional accomplishments. (If you cannot share an online resumé for any reason, please email one to kvanmalssen@gmail.com and lauren.sorensen@gmail.com. Indicate the date on which you sent it, below.)
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Budget Estimate *
One awardee will receive travel funding from DLF as well as complimentary registration for AMIA 2018. Please list your estimated expenses in US dollars for each of the following categories: transportation, lodgings, meals/incidentals, and the total combined amount. Awardees will be given as close to the full amount requested as possible! (Maximum award: $1250.)
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