North Brooklyn Food Hall Inquiry
If you are interested, and prepared to open a food establishment in North Brooklyn in the next 4-8 months, please fill out this form.

We're looking to open a food hall concept, featuring around 20 establishments, along the L, J, or C train, before next summer.

All questions on this form require an answer, but we kept it short and sweet.

Submitting this form in no way states a commitment on behalf of either party.

Thank you for your interest!

Jinyen & Chris

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Rent will likely be in the $3,000/month range, for a 200-300 square foot kitchen, open 6-7 days per week. Is this within your budget? *
You will be responsible for building out your own kitchen space, and obtaining any relevant permits. Are you prepared to do this? *
Tenants will be expected to provide a deposit of three months rent (approximately $9,000) in order to secure space. Are you financially prepared to do so? *
What is your level of enthusiasm for this? *
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