Speech and Debate Club Registration
Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2018-19 season! Before you proceed, please read some important information relating to club registration. The entire exercise should take you ~10-15 minutes.

---------------- 1. OUR CLUB DEPENDS ON YOUR VOLUNTARY DONATION -----------------

Our club depends on voluntart community donations such as yours. The S&D Boosters are supporting with providing coaches that challenge our students to their potential. We request a VOLUNTARY DONATION for each student, just like school clubs and programs like music, sports and others.

-- Your DONATION covers payment to coaches, registration fees for CFL tournaments, maintaining the books and tax filings, organizing school events and team infrastructure.

-- This initial DONATION WILL NOT cover registration fees for non-CFL tournaments, judge buyout, room and boarding and travel incidentals for INVITATIONALS and TRAVEL tournaments.

-- Our aim is to balance the budget each year. Consequently, a shortfall will mean a longer or multiple fundraising cycles through the academic year.

-- Our club is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization (EIN 77-0108042). Yearly donation statements will be sent by mid-Feb to the address on file. Typically, the value of goods and services received in return is pegged at $600 and donations over this amount may be tax-deducible. As always, please consult with your tax advisor for specific guidance regarding charitable deductions.

------------------------------------------------ 2. DONATION LEVELS ------------------------------------------------------

1) BASIC $600 (VOLUNTARY DONATION) per student
2) SUPPORTER $600 and above (BASIC + $400 for FREE tickets for entire family for all booster events in 2018-19)

Do let us know whether your Employer matches charitable donation by completing the form below. We will take care of all the following up with your employer and the service provider.

--------------------------------------------------------- 3. VOLUNTEERING --------------------------------------------------------
In addition to donations the Club also depends on parents to volunteer their time to help with organization, fundraising, judging, chaperoning, etc. Based on past years, we urge each of you to allocate a minimum of 15 hours of your time over the course of the debate season. This will allow us to let our students and coaches focus on Practice and Tournaments. Boosters will track volunteer participation and provide an 'in-kind'' charitable contribution statement.

If your family cannot make the basic voluntary donation, your student will NOT be excluded. Our club does depend on fundraising and donations though we ask everyone to please DONATE what they can to support our students.

Thank you,


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