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This is your chance to vote for the panels you'd like to see at CON.TXT 2020! You may vote for as many or as few panels as you like. We strive to offer a wide, well balanced range of panel topics. The voting tells us what the most popular panels might be, but it also helps us choose among similar panels or decide which suggestions could be combined. We don't use a strict numbers cut-off to determine panel selection.

Some panels have potential moderators already listed. These are NOT final commitments! Some panels do not yet have any moderators. These panels can't happen, no matter how popular, unless someone leads them! We will call for more moderators once the votes are tallied, but you can also volunteer by selecting "I'll definitely attend and would moderate" and entering your badge name at the bottom of this form. Indicating interest in moderating a panel on this survey is also not a final commitment; we will follow up with interested people by email after votes are tallied.
Here are the possible meta panels. A meta panel is one with a topic that's not tied to any particular fandom, although certain fandoms may be discussed or used as examples. Panels marked with a * are particularly interested in acquiring more moderators.
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Autistic Characters & Fans: Autistic characters are getting more of the limelight recently. Let's talk about our #actuallyautistic faves, whether canon or Word of God; about our autistic headcanons for other human characters; and about which canons lend themselves to autistic original characters. Let's also talk about fandom spaces that are most welcoming to autistic fans, and any unspoken NT rules we've sussed out for interaction. If there's time at the end, we'll close with rhapsodies about iconic characters we identify with that aren't technically autistic due to being androids, aliens, or ineffable beings (e.g., Data, Spock, Janet, Aziraphale). (Potential mod: Dee Laundry)*
Bring Your Fandom to Work: It's always that one detail about your job/school/hobby that throws you out of a story. It's time for you to share your expertise to save a writer! Bring your pet peeves that Everyone Gets Wrong in fic, and show us how it's really done. (Potential mods: Stifledlaughter, noxelementalist)*
Crossover Event of the Year: What better way to enjoy two fandoms you love than have them in the same story? Passing through town, long lost family, secret twins, getting a calling to another universe--crossovers bring people together. What makes them work? Why do some universes mesh better than others? What crossover tropes do you love or hate? Let's talk about the best of both worlds. *
Exchanges 101: Are you interested in participating in AO3-based exchanges? Are they confusing, obtuse, you simply can't figure out when they're running? Maybe you'd like to run an exchange yourself! Join this panel for a rundown of how AO3 exchanges work -- beyond just Yuletide. (Potential mod: chicago_ruth)*
Financial Crime for Fun and Profit: Ever wondered how the characters in that mobster AU laundered their money? Writing a villain who doesn't pay taxes? Does your fandom have a thief or other criminal? We're here to help! 2 accountants and tax professionals will explain to you the basics of financial fraud, money laundering, hiding assets internationally, sovereign citizens and tax evasion. NO ADVICE WILL BE GIVEN. This is strictly theoretical. (Potential mods: caorann, celli)
Found Family: Found family is a common and popular theme in fiction generally and fanworks specifically. It's also a reality for lots of us who have experienced marginalization in society or alienation from our families of origin. What does it mean to be part of a found family? What are some of our favorite fictional found families? How have we enjoyed seeing this theme explored in fandom, and what kind of things would we like to see next? (Potential mod: Dee Laundry)*
F*** This Grim Cyberpunk Dystopia, Bring Us Luxury Queer Space Communism!: Enough with the dystopian, desaturated sci-fi, superheroes, schools of magic, and, frankly, real life. Let’s ride a technicolor rainbow to a better, gayer future. Preferably in space. We’ll talk about the canons and fanons that imagine how things could suck less, from escapism to utopia. Why is it important to dream a better future, and what is that future like? #CT18_LQSC *
How Slash Fandom Talks to Itself: In the aftermath of the Tumblrpocalypse, and with rumors of Twitter beginning their own filtering practices, fandom has scattered all over the web, on a bunch of different social media sites with different norms and formats, and seems to still be seeking a perfect home. Where are we now? How do those places work, and how can people find fandom friends in them? What do we want in an online home for slash fandom? *
Mpreg for Pleasure and Profit: A discussion on the variety of mpreg tropes, narratives, and close cousins like oviposition or nesting. Why do we like mpreg? How does mpreg manifest itself in different fandoms? Why does it squick people out, and how can you write it to be as un-squicky as possible? Or how do we lean into everything that makes the mpreg trope so memorable? (Potential mods: author_abz, Dee Laundry)*
Omegaverse: the good, the bad, the lubricated: Is a/b/o a trope or a genre? Fans of a/b/o talk about what they like and dislike about it, what they'd like to see more of, what ideas and concepts a/b/o has introduced that might not be well known in the mainstream of fandom and where they see the trope going next, in fandom and beyond. (Potential mods: marina, merisunshine36)*
Poly poly poly poly poly: Poly ships are great! Let's talk about our favorites. (Potential mods: Stifledlaughter, marina)*
We Hurt the Ones We Love: Writer: Hello, I'm a writer... and I love hurting my characters. Group: Hello! Let's talk about the hurt/comfort genre including various types of H/C, tropes, most whump-able characters, and favorite recs. *
Werewolf Torts and Undead Annuities III: Returning for Episode III of supernatural legal and actuarial hypotheticals! Should zombies get undeath insurance? Is a vampire's familiar an employee or an independent contractor? Do mermaids have standing to bring citizen suits under the Clean Water Act? Does not contain any actual legal or actuarial advice. Results may vary. Please contact your local coven before attempting to bargain with the fae. (Potential mods: v_greyson, maralenenok)
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Here are the possible how-to panels. A how-to panel teaches how to do something and/or is a space for people to share skills and knowledge about specific fannish activities and may include some hands-on participation. Panels marked with a * are particularly interested in acquiring more moderators.
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Civic Engagement for Introverts: A crash course in How To Politics, even if you’re still figuring out How To People. In a 60-minute panel, we’ll focus pretty heavily on elections, especially for downballot races. (Potential mods: ellen_fremedon, likeadeuce, ainsley)*
Hey, how would you pronounce ❤?" Music, Sound Effects, and Beyond Reading Words in Podfic: Multi-voices, music, sound effects, oh my! The definition of "podfic" is ever-expanding; let's talk about all the "extras" that can go with the text. Whether it's adding opening/closing music, sound effects for a texting conversation, or a whole gaggle of both, let's talk about how to spice up readings with different resources! Where to find them, when to use them, how to add them, with great examples- anything and everything about music and sound effects in podfic. (Potential mods: kate/kisahawklin, jellyfishfire, frecklebombfic)*
How Is This So Hot? aka The Workshop No Writers' Center Will Offer: Did you melt over the last bit of PWP you read? How did that author do it? We'll review and dissect outstanding erotic passages in fic and published work to explore what hits that spot just so, what makes a scene work, how to steam up a room if you can't get graphic, and more. This is a writing style and craft workshop, so bring your kink tomato and hold it tight, oh yeah babe, just like that. (Potential mod: marina)*
Learn to SMOF: The Secret Masters of Fandom are the people who run cons, code and maintain websites, organize events, volunteer behind the scenes, and so on. Do you want to be one? Come learn how to join the cabal! *
Putting Fandom to Work: How to Market Fannish Skills on Your Resume: Ever tweaked your Tumblr layout? Congrats, you have “experience with custom-designed websites using HTML and CSS.” Been modding a listserv since Harry Potter days? “Ten years experience in online community development.” Remember all those manips you made? “Advanced skills in Photoshop.” Bring your fandom know-how and we’ll brainstorm how to translate it into HR-speak (without totally giving away that some of the “freelance editing” involved coming up with replacements for phrases like “dueling tongues”). *
A quest may not simply be abandoned: Advanced fic finding: Have the basics of Ao3 tags and filters down but want to learn more? Prepare for your quest by learning about Advanced Search, hidden search operators, and tips on using tools like Google, the Wayback Machine, and Fanlore to find the fic of your heart. (Potential mod: corbae)*
So You Want to Make a Vid: Want to make a vid but not sure how to start? Join two recent vidding converts for a discussion of how to get over mental and technical roadblocks and put everything in place for a smooth start to your new creative hobby! (Potential mods: alpheratz, corbae)*
Zines and Archives: Learn all about non-computer-based fanfic. What are zines and zine fandom like? How do you read them, learn about them, make them, own them, archive them? *
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Here are the possible activity panels. An activity panel is dedicated to some participatory event--a space to play a game, have a singalong, or watch a vidshow. Panels marked with a * are particularly interested in acquiring more moderators.
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Almost, But Not Quite, Entirely Unlike a Tea Party: From pu-erh to green tea to Bertie Wooster's 'vital oolong,' let's talk (and sip!) about all things tea! We'll discuss the best brews we've found, whether it really does matter if the milk goes in first or last, and which of those fannish Adagio blends got your OTP right (or wrong, so very wrong). We will have a few teas for drinking and we highly encourage folks to bring some tea of their own to swap with friends. (Potential mod: Stifledlaughter)*
Canon, Fanon, Fever Dream: Based on @svy_fish's tweet, in this quiz game participants will guess whether "something is official information, widely accepted fan interpretation or just bullshit." Fanon, canon, fever dream sets will be collected beforehand but participants are also welcome to take a turn as the host with a set they create during the panel. (Potential mod: corbae, marina)
Catharsis: The Vidshow: It sure has been a... time, and maybe you could use an opportunity for a nice, satisfying cry? We could! In the first twenty minutes we'll destroy you through the artistic medium of vids, and in the second twenty minutes we will put you back together. You'll need tissues, a bottle of water, and all of your feelings. This is a unique opportunity to have this experience where you don't have to do any work and no one can see you (it's a feature, not a bug)! (Potential mods: cinco, Rosemary)
Drawception: Hang out and play Drawception ( aka Broken Picture Telephone with fun fannish prompts! You will need a free Drawception account. One person will start with a written prompt, the next person draws it, the next person writes their interpretation, etc., until we get to a wacky and entertaining ending. (Potential mod: v_greyson)*
Singalong Vidshow 3: Greatest Hits: We're getting the band back together! Join us online as we sing our hearts out to some fantastic vids, with an emphasis on feel-good, upbeat tunes. Fandoms and songs spanning several decades will be included, and all vids will be subtitled. (Potential mods: cinco, corbae)
Trivialirants: Come blow off some steam about extremely trivial pet peeves by signing up to deliver a two-minute rant about your topic. Topics must be VERY TRIVIAL - think a few notches less controversial than how to pronounce file formats - and will be vetted in advance. If there is time at the end, attendees may deliver equally short and equally trivial rebuttals. (Potential mod: alpheratz)*
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Here are the possible multi-fandom panels. A multi-fandom panel has a topic that's common across several specific fandoms. Panels marked with a * are particularly interested in acquiring more moderators.
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Baby's First Fanfic: sourcing good "introductory" fanfic for non-fannish friends: Whether a friend who's never read fic wants to see what it's all about, or you're the one who's on a crusade to convince someone fic can be amazing - not every fic is the perfect introduction to fandom. In this panel/discussion, we'll try to source fic recs that are good 101 fics, for a variety of fandoms, genres and fic-lengths. (Potential mod: roga)*
C-Novels that Aren't MDZS: C-novels that aren't MDZS. There are... so many. Scum Villain, ErHa, Sha Po Lang, Guardian, Golden Stage, FGEP, TGCF, Nan Chan... Let's chat and share the love. Let's also help newbies figure out where to start! (Potential mods: corbae, alpheratz)*
C(ish)-Dramas that Aren't The Untamed: What it says on the tin. Let's talk about all the C-dramas and T-dramas, mourn the ones that are on a downswing, and share news on upcoming projects. Still wondering how they're going to sanitize ErHa? So are we! Do you need to know SandSea before you watch The Lost Tomb? Who cares! Zhu Yilong's in it so you'll watch either way. *
f/f forever: Queer Women Represent!: With the L Word reboot, the mainstream popularity of shows like Killing Eve, and the rise of writers like Lena Waithe and Alice Wu, there’s more representation of queer women in the media than ever before. How has the depiction of queer women’s sexuality and relationships changed in recent years? Why do we need queer women behind the scenes just as much as we need them to appear on camera? Is slash fandom's occasionally strained relationship with f/f evolving? And let’s squee over our f/f ships, canonical or otherwise! (Potential mod: queercore_curriculum)*
Fandom Osmosis: Who Are These People, Anyway?: You're on social media scrolling through posts, and there it is again: that photo of the woman in the really hot suit. Those two guys in cloaks. That adorable tiny child. And then you start to wonder where they're from, what their stories are, and before you know it, you've got a new fandom. In this discussion, we'll explore the gulf between Not A Fan and Being A Fan: that no man's land where you know *almost* enough for things to make sense, but not quite. In an open Q&A, participants can both ask and answer detailed questions about any fandom--with the catch that no one with canon knowledge is allowed to answer. It'll be the most incorrectly informative 50 minutes since the last time you watched History Channel! (Potential mod: ipreferaviators, author_abz)*
Kink 302 : Negotiation and Consent in fiction: Examples of how to write sexy negotiation when it's obvious. Guide to recognizing negotiation when it's subtle. Fiction opens up worlds of opportunities. (Potential mods: libitina, author_abz, marina)*
Let's do the Fanwarp Again: Now that we're living in the so-called "Golden Age" of TV, it's easier than ever to find and revisit the fandoms you thought nobody else remembered or got around to seeing. so let's talk about some of these "lost but not forgotten" fandoms who are just waiting for the right folks to find it again- rare shows/rare pairing shippers welcome! (Potential mod: Noxelementalist)*
Rare Tag Squee: This is for everyone who's into something in fic or art that no one else seems to be. Mpreg? Gore ... or vore? RPF? 'Stuck with a baby' trope? The intricate protocols of Versailles during the reign of Louis XIV? Income Tax 1842? Come to this panel and tell us about it so we can support you in celebrating the awesomeness! Of course, you must agree to squee over everyone else's favorite, too. (Potential mod: Dee Laundry)*
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Here are the possible single fandom panels. A single fandom panel goes into depth in a particular fandom. Please note that they are alphabetical by panel title, not by fandom! Panels marked with a * are particularly interested in acquiring more moderators.
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Best Friends Squad! She-Ra Wrap-Up Feels: She-Ra ended this spring with All The Feelings. Let's chat about found family, identity, romance in all its forms, war and its aftermath, and what redemption means... and doesn't. (Potential mod: ellen_fremedon)*
Ducks To Watch Out For!: With the reboot of Ducktales in 2017, the Disney Afternoon universe is alive again! Starting with the core Ducktales characters, we'll discuss Ducktales past and present, the inclusion of characters from Darkwing Duck and Talespin, and speculate on the future of the show! Also, rec fanfic... so much fanfic! (Potential mods: neotoma, Carmen (Greenygal))
I, Murderbot: Let's talk about Martha Wells' The Murderbot Diaries and the newest installment, Network Effect. Discussion topics include: The Rise and Fall of Sanctuary Moon, robots having feelings about robots, #relatable Murderbot content, hacking your governor module, and more. (Potential mod: v_greyson)*
Introduction to Starfleet Legal Principles: 1.0 credit hours. An overview of fundamental statutory law in the United Federation of Planets, including the Articles of Federation and the Statute of the Interplanetary Supreme Court of Justice. Survey of recent Starfleet common law jurisprudence, with an emphasis on interpreting "intelligent life-form person" under the Articles of Federation. Optional pre-course reading material will be available via Starfleet Academy PADD. Satisfies Laws and Regulations requirement for Starfleet cadets in the Command track. (Potential mod: v_greyson)*
The Lan Jawn: I love these gay ancient Chinese necromancers and you might, too. Discussion of the actors limited to the last 20 minutes of the panel. (Potential mod: libitina)*
Rose Apothecary: Schitt's Creek was six seasons of dramatic eyebrows, queer romance, incredible transatlantic pronunciations of the word "bebe", character growth, and whatever "A Little Bit Alexis" was. Here's a panel to talk about it! But also not it's not just a panel, it's an environment. It's more like a branded immersive experience. *
RuPaul’s Drag Race and the Evolution of Drag Culture: Are you a member of the Crystal Methyd protection squad? Ready for Shea Couleé to snatch her stolen crown? Tired of waiting for drag kings and AFAB queens to enter the Werk Room? Come spill the T about RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 and All Stars season 5, and discuss how the show has changed drag, ethical implications of WowPresents and RuPaul’s near-monopoly on the drag industry, and ways to support drag performers during the pandemic and beyond. (Potential mod: queercore_curriculum)*
Star Trek: Discovery--Disco On!: Star Trek Discovery has had a fungus-fueled, female-led, and fast and frantic first season. Let's talk about the newest series of the beloved canon. We'll share ships, favorite moments, and break down the obvious and not so obvious plot twists. Discuss Federation principles, what we hope for next season, and guess how much fun Spoiler Spoiler had Spoiler Spoilering. *
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: It was cancelled and lived again! Let's break down the arcs, talk about how they handled the things we all knew were coming, clone sadness, and how awesome/tragic Ahsoka is. *
Star Wars: Darth Disney: What hath Darth Disney wrought? Rise of Skywalker - did it fly or sink? The rest of SW - Mandalorian, animations, potential future offerings? Are you still strong with the Force because of or in spite of Darth Disney? What still turns you on about the Star Wars universe, old or new? What's happening in fandom? Do we believe the Force is still strong with Disney or have they turned to the Dark $ide? (Potential mod: katbear)*
Whovians Delight: New Who still going strong! Squee and chat over new season for our favorite Doctor! Still loving it? Still have feelings for other Doctors? Favorite companions? Favorite villains? Let's bring it all together, new and old. (Potential mod: katbear)*
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