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I understand that the average weight of a full grown potbellied pig is 75-150 lbs, some smaller and some larger, and that genetics determine size. Underfeeding a pig will not change his skeletal size and will only lead to health and/or behavioral problems. Over feeding the pig or not feeding him food specific to his species will also lead to health and/or behavioral problems. *
I understand that rooting is a basic natural instinct and that ALL pigs will root to varying degrees. This can lead to destructiveness in the house when they are bored, do not have other energy outlets or if they do not get enough outside time. It can also lead to destruction of your lawn and flowerbeds. *
I understand that dogs and pigs must be carefully monitored and should NEVER be left unsupervised together. Even if the pig and dog appear to be the best of friends. They are both animals with animal instincts. Dogs are predators and pigs are prey. *
I understand that a pig can become territorial; this can include growling, snapping, charging and even biting to varying degrees. In the wild pigs are herd animals and it is a natural instinct for them to try to test their dominance and become "top hog". Behavioral modification techniques can help but because of this instinct children and pigs must always be supervised. *
I understand a pig should not be placed in a home until he is 8-12 weeks of age, properly weaned and eating on his own. Earlier placement can lead to starvation and/or aggressive behavior. *
I understand that spaying/neutering of ALL pigs is essential, not only for reproductive purposes but also for behavioral and health reasons as well. An unaltered pig does not make a good house pet. *
In the case that this pig is to be a companion for a current pig, I understand there will be an introduction period between the two, whereby they work it out between themselves who will be top hog. *
I understand that this animal is a pig, and as such, I will allow him to be a pig. I understand that he has specific needs basic to his nature, and I will strive to meet those needs and appreciate the very qualities that make him such a unique and delightful creature. *
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I hereby certify that the information I have provided above is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge, and you may rely on this information to evaluate my application. I also understand that I will be asked to provide a donation fee of $50 - $300 depending on the cost of the spay/neuter and other veterinary expenses. *
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