Volunteer in Bulgaria at Smokinya Foundation
Dear applicant,

Congratulations on your interest in 'The Balkan Highway'' volunteering project.

We are glad to know that you are ready to spend a year in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, at Smokinya Foundation

Below are few questions we ask you to give an answer to.
Based on your answers, we will carry out the selection process.

We only consider applications in which all fields are filled. Make sure that you read the info-pack in details and you understand that you are applying for an intense personal development learning program.

Link to the infoletter:

Currently we are looking for 2 volunteers, who can start their volunteering project as soon as possible and, who can pend one year volunteering in our Foundation.

Application deadline is 18 Dec 2020

Note on COVID-19:
2020 might seem like a challenging year to travel, yet, we believe that if you want to spend one year in a foreign country there is an opportunity for it, and we can work it out in a way that it is 100% safe and beneficial for You. If you are interested to come, fill in this form, we will contact you, and we will support you planning your travel checking the travel possibilities in both countries - yours and ours. In case quarantine is needed upon your arrival to Bulgaria we can provide you with a place, support, and we will keep contact with you online.

GDPR rules:
All data given in this form will be held confidentially, and not be passed on a third party. We ask for some basic data to contact you and to make sure that you fit in the conditions of the European Solidarity Corps.

Contributing to a world that works for everyone, out of love, care and cooperation.

Personal info
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Do you already have a sending organization? If yes, name it. *
Level of English *
Other languages *
Do you speak any other language (including your native) and what is the level of this language.
Do you usually show-up on time? Or make others wait for you? *
What are you good at? *
What are you worst at? *
What do you enjoy doing? Hobby? *
What specific skills are you proud of? *
What is your experience with non-profit organisations? *
If any. If not what is your calling towards it?
What is your experience with experiential and non-formal learning? *
If any. If not what is your calling towards it?
What is your experience with volunteering? *
At your country or abroad?
Have you ever participated in Erasmus+ projects (youth exchanges, training courses, EVS)? If yes, how many? *
Please, also share the name or the topic of each.
Here we are getting specific and we need you to answer with focus and honestly.
What is the reason you want to volunteer abroad? *
What is the reason you want to participate particularly in this project? *
What kinds of skills do you want to develop? *
What is the worst we can expect from you? *
Yes, do you know your own worst characteristics? :-)
If money was not an issue, what would you do in life? *
150 words minimum
What is your own contribution to this project? *
If you are the one who is coming to Plovdiv, how would like to contribute to this project? What is appealing for you from the proposed activities or what else you would like to develop beyond that? 150 words minimum.
Imagine, you already completed this project and today is the last day of your stay in Bulgaria - What have you learned / developed / improved / know / able to do after the project? *
150 words maximum.
Imagine, you are now the Director of the organisation and you are looking for volunteers who would spend 12 months in your organisation. *
How do you promote? How do you find them? What steps would you make? What questions would you ask? You are making decisions, so what do you do in this situation?
Who would be the worst candidate for this project according to you? *
Who would you suggest NOT to choose?
Imagine living with 5 other people in a big apartment - 2 people per bedroom, with some common space. What would be the biggest conflict? How are you dealing with problematic situations / conflicts? *
Give examples
Do you have a laptop that you can use during your volunteering year? *
In Smokinya we use flexible working methods and having a laptop can be helpful for you. Smokinya is NOT obliged to provide any equipment for free, yet might be possible upon request and written contract.
Health Conditions
It is important for us to be aware of your health condition before you get selected in the project. Keep in mind that Erasmus+ is there to enable and supports people with physical limitations to participate in such programs.
Do you have any disabilities we should know about (mental/physical)?
If yes, please specify your diagnosis and symptoms.
Do you have specific health or other problems, which could affect your full participating in the volunteering activities?
If yes, please specify.
Do you have any allergies?
If yes, please specify.
Additional Information
European Solidarity Corps endorses the mobility of youth with fewer opportunities and we want to give more chances to people facing or that have faced troubles in life. For this reason we are asking from you to answer the following questions. The answers are remaining confidential.
Mark the boxes that apply to you *
Declaration of clarity and understanding *
Other remarks
Is there something we forgot to ask or you want to share?
That's it!
Now submit your application and we will get back to you soon for setting up a skype talk.
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