HEnDA invited Judge Information Entry 2020
* This is for the HEnDA invited Judge. . If you are a judge recommended by the participating judges, please use another form.


Thank you so much for your cooperation to the high school English debating activity.
Sorry to bother you, but all judges, please answer the following. I am going to allocate you based on your judging experience (Chief Judge -Yoshiro Yano)
PLEASE ANSWER BY Dec 13th Sunday (12 Noon) 締め切り 12月13日(日)正午

Thanks in advance!
Email address *
Judge Family Name (in English) *
Judge First Name (in English) *
How much experience do you have judging this year's car topic (on a scale of 3,3 meaning judged at formal tournaments) 今年の論題での審査経験をお知らせ下さい(すでにいくつかの大会で審査している方が3) *
No rounds this year
Judged in Formal tournaments this year
振込先銀行 Bank name
振込先支店名 Bank branch name
振込先口座番号 Account number 例,普通1234567 など
銀行登録名 (カタカナ表記 Your bank account registered name in Japanese katakana)
パンフレット,記念品送付先住所 Your address for sending the tournament goods. 郵便番号もご記入ください Example: 〒192-0393 八王子市東中野742-1-3616
送付の際,連絡用電話番号 Your contact telephone number when concerning the above package
Please check if there are teams that you think it is not adequate for you to be judging (including the schools that you are affiliated with. ) もし試合でジャッジするのがふさわしくないと考えるチームがあればチェックして下さい。※自分の学校も必ずチェックしてください。
NOTES: Is there any other thing I should consider? 備考:他になにかありますでしょうか (Like, when you can judge and when you can't)
That's it. Thank you for your patience. See you at the Online Nationals
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