KKNC Camping - 2018 Registration form
KKNC will be conducting Camping from Aug 3rd, Friday till Aug5th, Sunday at Little Basin (http://littlebasin.org/).

Please come join us and have a fun filled weekend.

Arrival : Friday, Aug 3rd 2018 at 4:00 PM onwards
Departure: Sunday, Aug 5th 2018 at 11 AM

Note, this is only reservation. Your reservation is confirmed only after the payment.

You can pay online today (see the Mode of Payment section below) and confirm your reservation.

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Friday : Dinner and Campfire
Saturday : Coffee/Tea/Breakfast, Hiking, Lunch, Sports, Photo session, BBQ, Chat, Tea, Dinner, Campfire, Entertainment
Sunday : Coffee/Tea/Breakfast, Photo session , Cleaning :)

If you have questions, reach us at camping@kknc.org

Members-Tents(per person): Adults-$95, Kids(8-18) $65, Visiting Parents-$75, Kids(0-8) -Free.
Non-Members-Tents(per person): Adults-$125, Kids(8-18) $95, Visiting Parents-$105, Kids(0-8)-Free.

Members-Cabin(per person): Adults-$130, Kids (needing cabin bed) $75, Visiting Parents-$100
Non-Members-Cabin(per person): Adults-$150, Kids(needing cabin bed) $95, Visiting Parents-$120

Become a KKNC member and save! Go to http://kknc.org/join and get your yearly KKNC Membership

Please note, your Camping Registration is confirmed only after payment.

Mode of Payment
Online: Sulekha - www.sulekha.com/KKNCCamping

Check: Checks should be addressed to KKNC. You can mail the check to
Treasurer - KKNC
21701,Stevens Creek Blvd,#2437,
Cupertino CA-95015
Check Received date will be considered as the payment date.

Cash: You can hand over the cash to Rajendra Hegde, Amruth Murthy, Aravind Bairy, Vittala Puttur, Diwakar Ramadasu, Vasudha Hegde, Aravind Sheshadri or Manjunath Bellur

Note: Tent/Cabins sell out quickly. If you reserve the Tent/Cabin but do not make the payment, once the Tent/Cabins are sold out, you will be automatically placed on Waitlist. If there are any cancellations for Tent/Cabins, you will be notified in the order of reservation and payment accepted.

Cancellation and Refund policy:

1. If cancelled on or before May 31st 2018, 100% of the amount will be returned
2. If cancelled on or before June 30th 2018, 50% of the amount will be returned
3. If cancelled any time on or after July 1st, amount will not be refunded
4. At any point, Sulekha Service Fee will not be refunded
5. Cancellation should be communicated by sending an email to camping@kknc.org within specified date

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Important Information on Cabin Reservation
1. Each Cabin reservation implies 1 cabin bed reserved for a person. If you have small kids, you and your kid can share the bed - in that case, you make only 1 reservation for yourself.

2. Cabins are shared. In each cabin, there will be ~8 beds and the cabin will be shared among the candidates who have opted for cabin.

3. Cabins are limited. We will allot cabins in the order of the payment. Hence, if you have not done, please pay via the online link as early as possible.

4. As always, we will try our best to accommodate the cabin with your friends. If you have such a request, mail to camping@kknc.org

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