Worship During Covid
This survey is to let Trinity's leaders know how we are doing. Trinity's Worship team want to improve your worship experience so would like to ask some questions about what we can do to improve. Your time in completing it is appreciated.
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Since we started regathering at Trinity, how do you worship?
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For those who have attended in person service, is it what you expected? *
For those who have attended in person, does in-person fulfill a need that online does not? If so, what?
How important is it to provide a “typical” Sunday worship experience with all the “pieces”? Or would it be better to provide some of those elements in different experiences?
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Some elements could be provided through different experiences? Check all that you would be interested in moving.
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Which elements are the most meaningful for you in the Sunday service? (Check all that apply)
If you are worshiping at home, would you like communion kits consisting of a small wafer and grape juice brought to your home?
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Which worship style do you prefer? *
Other comments about improving worship
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